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Holdings - Canadiana

The following represents a partial list of our holdings in the above category, and is limited to books (manuscripts, logs, periodicals, artwork, charts, etc are not included). Please note that the term "category" is a very general classification and in no manner should be considered as exclusive.

For example, "Canadiana" might not contain titles that have been, perhaps arbitrarily, classified as biography, discovery, economics, ethnology, etc. "Navy" generally does not contain titles that are specific to the Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy (Dept of National Defense), or the United States Navy. And so on ...

A general set of keywords applicable to these titles follows below the table.

Title Author Publisher ISBN 1st ed
Anglo-American Magazine - Vol II January to June 1853(ed)Thomas Maclear, Toronto 1853
Anglo-American Magazine - Vol V July to December 1854(ed)Thomas Maclear, Toronto 1854
Anglo-American Magazine - Vol VII July to December 1855(ed)Thomas Maclear, Toronto 1853
Litterary Garland : New Series Volume II(ed)Lovell and Gibson, Montreal 1843
Litterary Garland : New Series Volume II(ed)Lovell and Gibson, Montreal 1844
Litterary Garland : New Series Volume V(ed)Lovell and Gibson, Montreal 1847
Litterary Garland : New Series Volume VII(ed)Lovell and Gibson, Montreal 1849
Toronto Old & NewAdam, G. MercerMail Printing Co. 1891
Ordeal by FireAllen, RalphDoubleday 1961
Prohibition and St. PierreAndrieux, J.P.W.F. Rannie, Ontario0-019953-00-x1983
Over the sideAndrieux, Jean-PierreW.F. Rannie0-919953-34-41984
Owen Sound: the day the Governor General came to town and other talesArmitage, AndrewBoston Mills Press0-919822-84-31979
Our FlagBand, Charles P and Stovel, Emilie LMusson 1916
John and Sebastian CabotBeazley, C. RaymondT. Fisher Unwin, London 1898
History of Derby Township 1839-1972Beckett, Reeve Wilmer G.Richardson, Bond and Wright Ltd 1972
Sense of Power, TheBerger, CarlUniversity of Toronto Press8020-1669-31970
Canadian Political TraditionBlair, R.S. & J.T. McLeod (ed)Methuen0-458-81130-01987
Victorious in Defeat : The Loyalists in CanadaBrown, Wallace, Hereward SeniorMethuen Publications, Agincourt0-458-96850-11984
Le Saguenay et la vallée du Lac St. JeanBuies, ArthurCoté, Quebec 1880
Spell of French Canada, The Call, Frank OliverL.C. Page and Co, Boston 1926
Pioneers, The : The Picture Story of Canadian SettlementCareless, J.M.S.Canadian Liiustrated Library 1968
Canadians 1867-1967, TheCareless, JMS and Craig Brown, RMacmillan of Canada67-144901967
Légendes Canadiennes et Variétés, Volume 1Casgrain, L'Abbé H.R. Beauchemin et fils, Montreal 1896
Légendes Canadiennes et Variétés, Volume 2Casgrain, L'Abbé H.R. Beauchemin et fils, Montreal 1896
Légendes Canadiennes et Variétés, Volume 3Casgrain, L'Abbé H.R. Beauchemin et fils, Montreal 1896
Légendes Canadiennes et Variétés, Volume 4Casgrain, L'Abbé H.R. Beauchemin et fils, Montreal 1896
Défis du fort Saint-Jean, LesCasonguay, JacquesEditions du Richelieu st jean0-88520-003-91975
Gleanings on the Magdalen IslandsClark, ByronNational Library of Canada0-9687521-0-12000
Fighting Governor, TheColby, Charles W.Glasgow, Brook and Co, Toronto 1915
History of the Five Nations of CanadaColden, Cadwallader The HonourableColes Publishing 1747
Rural life in nineteenth century QuebecCourville, SergeCanadian Historical Association0-88798-142-91989
Correspondence of Lieut Governor John Graves Simcoe (The Simcoe Papers), Vol 1Cruikshank, E.A. (ed)Ontario Historical Society 1923
Correspondence of Lieut Governor John Graves Simcoe (The Simcoe Papers), Vol 2Cruikshank, E.A. (ed)Ontario Historical Society 1923
Correspondence of Lieut Governor John Graves Simcoe (The Simcoe Papers), Vol 3Cruikshank, E.A. (ed)Ontario Historical Society 1923
Correspondence of Lieut Governor John Graves Simcoe (The Simcoe Papers), Vol 4Cruikshank, E.A. (ed)Ontario Historical Society 1923
Correspondence of Lieut Governor John Graves Simcoe (The Simcoe Papers), Vol 5 supplementaryCruikshank, E.A. (ed)Ontario Historical Society 1931
History of the Eastern Townships Day, Mrs. C.MJohn Lovell. Montreal 1869
Pioneers of the Eastern TownshipsDay, Mrs. C.MJohn Lovell. Montreal 1863
Institutiones Philosophicae Ad Usum Studiosae JuventutisDemers, JeromeTho. Cary and Socii 1835
Water-powers of CanadaDenis, Leo and White AMortimer Company 1911
Sailing on the Great Lakes and RiversDisturnell, JPhiladelphia, Disturnell, J 1874
Berton, PierreDrifting HomeMcClelland Stewart0-7710-1195-41973
Grand RiverDunham, MabelMcCelland and Stewart 1945
Grand RiverDunham, MabelMcClelland and Stewart 1945
Heritage of CanadaDurnford, Hugh (ed)Canadian Automobile Ass and Readers Digest0-88850-065-31978
Bombardier: a Dream with International ReachedBombardier2-921393-09-31992
It happened in Britsih ColubiaedBC Centenial committee 1970
Faces of the Great Lakes, TheEla, Jonathan, photos by King, B.A.Sierra Club0-87156-196-41977
Search for Identity, The, Vol. 6Fraser, BlairDoubleday & Co. 1967
Voyage à Terre-NeuveGobineau, Arthur, Comte DeLibraririe de L. Hachette, Paris 1861
Canadian Defence PrioritiesGray, C.S.Clarke, Irwin & Co.0-7720-0563-X1972
Flint and FeatherGray, CharlotteHarper Perennial0-00-639119-2202
Letters from CanadaGray, HughColes Publishing 1809
Early photography in CanadaGreenhill, RalphOxford University Press 1965
Recits De VoyagesGregory, M. J. U.Librairie Beauchemin 1913
Tales of an Empty CabinGrey Owl, wa-sha-quon-asinMacmillan Canada0-7705-1299-21936
Indian Life on the Northwest Coast of North AmericaGunther, ErmaUnivesity of Chicago Press0-226-31088-41972
Northern ExposureHarris, CyrilW.W. Norton and Co63-158701963
Narrative, AHead, Sir Francis BondJohn Murray, London 1839
Fisher FarmingHodgson, Robert G.Fur Trade Journal of Canada 1937
Canadian Annual Review, The 1910Hopkins, CastellAnnual Review Publishing 1911
Canadian Annual Review, The 1912Hopkins, CastellAnnual Review Publishing 1913
Canadian Annual Review, The 1913Hopkins, CastellAnnual Review Publishing 1914
Canadian Annual Review, The 1915Hopkins, CastellAnnual Review Publishing 1916
Struggle for the BorderHutchison, BruceLongmans, Green and Co 1955
Voyage to Newfoundland : Julian ThouletJamieson, ScottMcGill Queens University Press0-7735-2867-92005
New Roots in Canadian SoilKidd, John P.Canadian Citizenship Council, Ottawa  
Iroquois, The - a history of the six nations of new yorkKimm, SCPress of Pierre W. Danforth0-941567-42-71900
Canada's ParliamentLaundy, PhilipSpeaker of the House of Commons 1981
Further FoolishnessLeacock, StephenS.B. Gundy 1916
Makers of Canada, The, vol.7Lewis, JohnOxford University Press 1926
American Chesterfield, TheLord ChesterfieldGrigg and Elliot 1839
Jay's Treaty: Order of the Governor in Council, For further regulating Inland NavigationLower Canada Executive CouncilWilliam Vondenvelden, Quebec 1794
Colony to NationLower, Arthur R.M.Longmans, Green and Company 1946
This Point of LandMacDonald, J.E. Private (sault star printing) 1977
Causeway : a passage from innocenceMacIntyre, LindenHarper Collins0-00-200724-x2006
Colour of Canada, TheMacLennan, Hughcanadian Illustrated Library07710-0031-61967
Rivers of CanadaMacLennan, HughMacmillan Canada0-7705-1172-41974
Making of the Maritime Provinces 1713-1784MacNutt, WSCanadian Historical Association 1965
Indians. Their Manners and Customs., TheMclean, JohnWilliam Briggs, Toronto 1889
United Empire Loyalists : Pioneers of Upper CanadaMika, Nick, Helma MikaMika Publishing Company, Belleville0-919303-09-91976
Native Peoples - the Canadian ExperienceMorrison, Bruce R and Wilson, Roderick (eds)Oxford University Press0-19-541819-02004
Acadiensia Nova (1598-1779), Vol 1Morse, W.I, Ed   
Acadiensia Nova (1598-1779), Vol 2Morse, W.I, Ed   
Canada, This Land, These Peoplen/aReader's Digest 1968
Breakers - stories from Newfoundland and LabradorO'Neill, PaulBreakwater Books0-919519-22-91982
Red River Valley 1811-1849 , ThePritchett, J.PYale University Press / Ryerson Press 1942
Battle Honours of the Royal NavyR. D. LawrenceCollins Royal0 00 217450 21983
Canada's National ParksR. D. LawrenceCollins Royal0 00 217450 21983
Path of Destiny, The: Canada from the British Conquest to Home RuleRaddall, Thomas H.Doubleday 1957
Canada This Land, This PeopleReader's Digest (ed)Rieader's Digest 1968
Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company 1671-1674Rich, E.E. (ed)Champlain Society 1942
Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company 1679-1682Rich, E.E. (ed)Champlain Society 1945
Minutes of the Hudson's Bay Company 1685-1684Rich, E.E. (ed)Champlain Society 1945
Beyond the river and the bayRoss, EricUniversity of Toronto Press0-8020-6188-51970
Newfoundland - a historyRothney, GOCanadian Historical Association 1964
I Have Touched the Greatest ShipRowe, MelvinTown Crier 1976
Century of Conflict: The Struggle Between the French and British in Colonial AmericaRutledge, Joseph ListerDoubleday  1956
Century of Conflict: The Struggle Between the French and British in Colonial AmericaRutledge, Joseph ListerDoubleday, Canada56-95411956
Century of Conflict: The Struggle Between the French and British in Colonial AmericaRutledge, Joseph ListerDoubleday  1956
Geological Survey of CanadaSelwyn, Alfred R. C.Gov't of Canada 1876
Witness Against War: Pacifism in Canada 1900-1945Socknat, Thomas P.Witness Against War: Pacifism in Canada 1900-19450-8020-5704-71987
Iroquois, The: a Study in Cultural EvolutionSpeck, Frank GouldsmithCranbrook Institute of Science 1945
Face of Early Canada, TheSpendlove, F. St. George   
Canada under the Administration of the Earl of DufferinStewart, George JrRose-Belford, Toronto 1879
Family and Householder's GuideStorke, E. (ed)Auburn Publishing Company 1859
Wcisdom of the EldersSuzuki, David and Knudson, PeterBantam0-553-37263-71992
River City a history of Campbell River and the Discovery IslandsTaylor, JeanetteHarbour Publishing1-55017-211-51999
Moose factory CreeTurner, DaisyHighway Book Shop 1974
Stewart Missions; A Series of Letters and Journals, TheWaddilove, WJDJ Hatchard and Son, London 1838
Anchorage NortheastWalden, Howard T. IIWilliam Morrow and Co, Inc75-1243511971
Hudson's Bay Company and the Fur Trade: 1670-1870, TheWilliams, GlyndwrHudsons Bay Co, Winnipeg 1983
Canada and the CanadiansWoodcock, GeotgeOxford University Press0-19-540174-31970
Profiles of a ProvinceZaslow, Morris (ed)Ontario Historical Society 1967


Keywords: 1671-1674, 1672, 1679-1682, 1682-1684, 1789-1793, 1812, A Member of the Philadelphia Bar, A Work Containing Official and Reliable Information Respecting the Formation of Settlements: With Incidents in their Early History: and Details of Adventures, admiral isaac coffin, american revolution, ancien regime, and Distinction, Anglo Saxon, battle of the Atlantic, Bay of Islands, bay of the north, bilingual english french, Bluenose, bluenose fleet, boats, bound copy special ed of the Beaver, boundaries, bristol, champlain, chicoutimi, church, clerk, Codroy, Collection of Essays Commissioned By the Ontario Historical Society to Commemorate the Centennial of Ontario, Commission of Conservation, confederation, constitution, culture, Cure Disease Etc. a Manual of Household Management, customs, David Thompson, deadman island, Derby, dories, draveurs, early Canada, economy, education, elevators, exploration, first nations, fisheries, Fishers of Labrador, fishing, folklore, from the Letters of Lord Chesterfield to His Son, frontenac, fur trading, geology, George Brown, grain ships, gray county, Grenfell, Halifax, hbc, history, History of Canada, Honour, How to Keep House; How to Provide; How to Cook; How to Wash; How to Dye; How to Paint; How to Preserve Health, hudsons bay, Hydro, Ile aux coudres, immigrants, indian, indian rights, Jay's treaty, jordan bay, Judge Sissons, la salle, lac st jean, language, legends, local, logging, loyalists, lumber, mace, maps, McKenzie, minerals, missionaries, mother earth, national parks, nature, navigation, new brunswick, Newfoundland, north, northern Belle, northwest company, nova scotia, nova sctia, Ouvres completes, owen sound, parties, patriot, Perils and Deliverance., philosophy, photos, pioneer, pioneers, population, privateers, quebec, rafts, Red Island, red river, religious, richelieu, riel, river saguenay, river transport, rivers, roosevelt, Saint-Pierre, schooner JN Carter, seal hunt, seal hunting, senate, sheepdog navy, Sir John A. Macdonald, speaker, SS Caribou, st laewrence, St. George's Bay, St. John's, Sundancer, Sydney, talon, teaching, Thessalon, towns, trade, transatlantic cable, UEL, upper canada, waters, Way to wealth, western canada, weymouth, wilderness, wreck, WWII

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