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Holdings - Design, models

The following represents a partial list of our holdings in the above category, and is limited to books (manuscripts, logs, periodicals, artwork, charts, etc are not included). Please note that the term "category" is a very general classification and in no manner should be considered as exclusive.

For example, "Design" generally does not contain titles that are specific to models, yachts, steam or rigging. And so on ...

A general set of keywords applicable to these titles follows below the table.

Title Author Publisher ISBN 1st ed
Scaleline Galleon - HMS bounty(ed)modelcraft production 1950
Clipper ships done in cork modelsAdams, PeterE.P. Dutton 1929
Marines en BouteilleAubry, GerardRigel Editions2-909537-16-11998
Modelling Tudor ShipsBattson, R.K.Model and Allied Publications0-85242-692-51955
Ships in BottlesBerchem, F.R.Sheridan House0-911378-99-51990
Scale Model Sailing ShipsBowen, JohnConway Maritime Press0-85177-111-41977
Scale Model WarshipsBowen, JohnMayflower Books0-8317-7702-81978
Ship Model Makers ManualBowen, JohnArco Publishing Inc0-668-05587-11982
Waterline ship modelsBowen, JohnConway Maritime Press0-85177-050-91972
Model Shipwright Volume VBowen, John L (ed)Conway Maritime Press0-85177-224-21976
Sailing ShipsColby, C.B.Coward-McCann70-976081970
Crabtree Collection of Miniature ShipsCrabtree, August FMariners Museum77-1110381977
Built-up ship model, TheDavis, Charles GDover Publications Inc.0-486-26174-31933
How sails are made and handledDavis, Charles GRudder Publishing Co 1931
Ship Model Builder's Assistant, TheDavis, Charles GDover Publications Inc.0-486-25584-01926
Ships of the PastDavis, Charles GBonanza11-723111929
Ways of the Sea, TheDavis, Charles GRudder Publishing Co 1930
Built Up Ship ModelDavis, Charles G.Marine Research Society 1933
American Sailing Ships: Their Plans and HistoryDavis, Charles G. Dover Publications Inc.0-486-24658-21929
Ship Models - how to build themDavis, Charles G. Dover Publications Inc.0-486-25170-51925
Construction des Modeles Reduits de BateauDe Catus, J. - Dauchez, P. - LequesneChasse-Marée - Armen2-903708-60-61995
Ship Modeler's Shop NotesEdson, Merritt (ed)Nautical Research Guild0-9603456-0-41979
Navy Board Ship Models 1650-1750Franklin, JohnConway Maritime Press0-8511-77-45-71989
American Ship ModelsGrimwood, V.R.Bonanza 1942
HMS VictoryHackney, Noel C.L. Patrick Stephens London 0-85059-053-11970
MayflowerHackney, Noel C.L. Patrick Stephens London 0-85059-058-21970
Clipper Ship ModelsHobbs, Edward W.Brown, Son and Ferguson, Glasgow 1927
Ship model buildingJohnson, GeneCornell Maritime Books0-87033-101-91943
Modelling late Victorian BattleshipsKing, BrianPier Books0-9657205-7-82001
Photo etching for modellersKing, Brian and Watkin, AzienPier Books0-9657205-8-62002
Cutty Sark: The last of the famous tea clippers: Volume I, An account of the ship itself, with plans and full instructions for building the hull, bulwarks and deck fittings of a scale model, TheLongridge, C. NepeanPercival Marshall, London no date
Cutty Sark: The last of the famous tea clippers: Volume II, Describing the masts, spars, and rigging of a scale model, and including the builder's specification for the construction of the original ship, TheLongridge, C. NepeanPercival Marshall, London no date
Art of Ship Modeling, TheMansir, A. RichardVan Nostrand Reinhold 1982
Recreated Marine ModelsMarine Models CoMarine Models Co  
Ship Modeling SimplifiedMastini, FrankMcGraw-Hill0-87742-1272-91990
Ship model making Volume IIMcCann, E. ArmitageNorman W. Henley 1931
Bounty, the armed Transport,anatomy of the shipMcKay, JohnNaval Institute Press0-87021-280-X1989
Victory, The 100-gun ship -anatomy of the shipMcKay, JohnNaval Institute Press0-870221-890-51987
Ship models in miniatureMcNarry, DonaldPraeger Publishers0-275-22490-21975
Scale ship model kits and fittingsModel Shipways CoModel Shipways Co 1973
Historic Ship ModelsMonfeld, Wolfram zuSterling Puvlishing Co.0-8069-5733-61989
Modelling Ships in BottlesNeedham, JackPatrick Stephens Ltd.0-85059-094-91972
Le Modelisme NavalOllive, Athur - Renault, FrancoisChasse-Marée - Armen2-903708-50-91994
Dory Model Book, ThePayson, Harold DynamiteWoodenBoat 0-937822-45-01997
Ship Models from KitsRiches, ColinModel Expo 1984
Planking the Built-Up Ship ModelRoberts, Jim???Model Shipways, Inc 1987
Ship Modeling from Stem to SternRoth, MiltonTab Books0-8306-2844-41988
Ship modeling techniquesTakakjian, PortiaPhoenix Publications0-9615021-4-21990
Bouteilles a la MerTruchi, MaxEditions Marcel Didier Vrac2-910821-32-31999
Modelling the Golden HindeTucker, Arthur L.Model Shipwright, Conway0-85177-078-91973
Masting and Rigging: Clipper ship and ocean carrier: with authentic plans, working drawings and details of the nineteenth and twentieth century sailing shipUnderbill, Harold A.Brown, Son and Ferguson, Glasgow 1946
Masting and Rigging the Clipper Ship and Ocean CarrierUnderhill, Harold ABrown Son and Ferguson0-85174-173-81946
Plank-on-frame models and Scale Masting & Rigging. Volume I. Scale Hull ConstructionUnderhill, Harold ABrown Son and Ferguson 1958
Plank-on-frame models and Scale Masting & Rigging. Volume II. Mastmaking and Rigging Sailing Models and Power Craft Hulls.Underhill, Harold ABrown Son and Ferguson 1960


Keywords: 12 foot friendship dory-skiff, 12 models, 16 century, anchor, baltomore clipper, banks dory, barque, beaver, blocks, bounty, boxer, brig, brigantine, Britannia 1840, bugeye, build, builders assistant, butts, C17th, C18th, C19th, C20th, camperdown, clipper, Clipper ship models, cloth, coasters, codfish, computer, Congress, culture, deck, design, details, drawings, duilio, Dutch Yacht, etching, fair, figure heads, fine work, fishing schooner, fittings, Forward by HI Chapelle, frame, frames, Friendship clam, galley, globe VIII, glossary, gondalow, handling, history, how to, Hudson River sloop, hull, Isaac Webb, Katherine II, Lexington, lightning, list, making ship in bottle, masts, McKay, model, Model Building, model from kits, modelling , modelling of the golden Hinde , Modelling Ships, models, Nelson, olivebank, Pilgrims, Pinky, pinta, planking, plans, privateer, pumps, racing, Raleigh, republican, rigging, running, sails, Santa Maria, schooner, schooner yacht, scow, sea witch, Sea withch, ship modelling, ships in bottles, ships' boats, Skipjack, small craft, sovereign of the seas, spars, standing, steering wheels, stornoway, strakes, tips, tools, Trafalgar, tricks, U.S.A., USA, Vema, victoria, victorine, viking, wasp, yacht

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