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Holdings - Fisheries

The following represents a partial list of our holdings in the above category, and is limited to books (manuscripts, logs, periodicals, artwork, charts, etc are not included). Please note that the term "category" is a very general classification and in no manner should be considered as exclusive.

For example, "Arctic" might not contain titles that have been, perhaps arbitrarily, classified as biography, design, discovery, whaling, etc. "Navy" generally does not contain titles that are specific to the Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy (Dept of National Defense), or the United States Navy. And so on ...

A general set of keywords applicable to these titles follows below the table.

Title Author Publisher ISBN 1st ed
Guide des Voiliers de Peche Chasse-Marée - Armen2-903708-97-52000
Salt Water, Fresh WaterAnderson, Allan MacMillan of Canada0-7708-1819-21979
Sea, Salt and SweatBarnard, MurrayNova Scotia Department of Fisheries0-88871-001-11977
Finest Kind, The fishermen of GloucesterBartlett, KimW.W. Norton0-393-08797-21977
Trout Bergman, RayKnopf51-119951938
L'Epopee De La SardineBoulard, Jean ClaudeEditions Ouest France 1991
Fresh-water Fisherman's BibleEvanoff, VadDoubleday0-385-14405-91964
Basic Manual of Fly-TyingFling, Paul N and Puterbaugh, Donald L.Sterling Publishing0-8069-8146-61977
Down on T Wharf, Boston fisheriesGerman, Andew WMystic Seaport Museum Inc0-913372-26-91982
Lament for an OceanHarris MichaelMcClelland and Stewart inc0-7710-3958-11998
Grand Banks, TheKeating, BernRand McNally and Company68-547101968
Treasury of AnglingKoller, LarryGolden Press, NY62-154251963
CodKurlansky, MarcPenguin Books0-14-02-7501-01997
Fabuleuse histoire de la morue, LaKurlansky, MarcJC Lattes2-7096-1983-01997
Conserveries de Douarnenez de 1900 a nos joursLe Boulanger, Jean MichelMemoire de la Ville, Dournenez 1996
Trout fisherman's bedside bookMacdougall, Arthur R. Jr.Simon and Schuster63-145641963
Fly fishingMason, BillSports Illustrated0-452-26097-31987
Draggermen:fishing on George's BankMatteson, GeorgeFour Winds Press, NY0-590-07534-91979
Art of tying the Dry FlyMorris, SkipFrank Amato1-878175-36-x1993
Born NakedMowat, FarleyKey Porter Books1-55013-501-51993
A Letter to Albert Gallatin, on the French Claims to the Newfoundland FisheriesRush, RichardHistorical Printing Club 1822
Paris Universal Exposition1878 Vol VSecretary of StateWashington: Government Printing Office 1880
Living SilverSinger, BurnsHoughton Mifflin Co58-75801958
Men, Fish and Boats: The pictorial story of the North Atlantic fishermenStanford, AlfredMorrow, no place 1934
Fly Tyer's PrimerTalleur, Richard W.Lyons and Burford1-55821-188-81986
Distant WaterWarner, William W.Penguin books0-14-006967-41977
Distant WaterWarner, William W.Little, Brown and Company0-316-92328-11977
Fly fishingWindsor, StephenQuintet, London1-55521-312-x1988


Keywords: art, biology, Canadians working the waters, cod, cod wars, collapse of atlantic cod fishery, conserves, design, dories, Douarnenez, drawings, ecology, environment, Fisheries series No 1, fisherman, fishing, flounder, folklore, france, grand banks, haddock, Ile Tristan, industry, inshore, juvenile, modern warships, newfoundland, north atlantic, north atlantic fisherman, norwegian fishing boats, novel, offshore, peche, photography, photos, recipes, rum running, sardine, schooner, sicilian, steam trawler, stories, techniques, whaling, Winnowings in American History

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