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Holdings - Merchant, Sail

The following represents a partial list of our holdings in the above category, and is limited to books (manuscripts, logs, periodicals, artwork, charts, etc are not included). Please note that the term "category" is a very general classification and in no manner should be considered as exclusive.

For example, "Arctic" might not contain titles that have been, perhaps arbitrarily, classified as biography, design, discovery, whaling, etc. "Navy" generally does not contain titles that are specific to the Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy (Dept of National Defense), or the United States Navy. And so on ...

A general set of keywords applicable to these titles follows below the table.

Title Author Publisher ISBN 1st ed
Last of the Cape Horners, TheApollonio, Spencer (ed) Brassey's 1-57488-283-x2000
Fishing Fleets of New EnglandChase, Mary EllenNorth Stars books 1961
Black Sailed TradersClark, RoyPutnam & company Limited 1961
In the days of the windjammersCrowe, John CongdonRyerson Press 1959
Us et coutumes bord des Long CourriersHayet, ArmandEditions maritmies 1993
Last Tall Ships, TheKhre, GeorgConway Maritime Press0-85177-134-31990
Clipper Ships and their makersLaing, AlexanderG.P. Putnam's Sons, New York66-104571966
Blackwall Frigates, TheLubbock, BasilBrown, Son and Ferguson, Glasgow 1922
Bully Hayes, South sea pirate*Lubbock, BasilCharles E. Lauriat 1931
China Clippers, TheLubbock, BasilBrown, Son and Ferguson, Glasgow 1914
Colonial Clippers, TheLubbock, BasilJames Brown and Son 1921
Cruisers, Corsairs and Slavers*Lubbock, BasilBrown, Son and Ferguson, Glasgow 1922
Deep sea warriorsLubbock, BasilDodd, Mead and Co. 1910
Down Easters, TheLubbock, BasilCharles E. Lauriat 1929
Last of the Windjammers, The, Vol 1Lubbock, BasilJames Brown and Son 1927
Last of the Windjammers, The, Vol 2Lubbock, BasilJames Brown and Son 1935
Log of the Cutty Sark, TheLubbock, BasilJames Brown and Son 1924
Nitrate Clippers, TheLubbock, BasilBrown, Son and Ferguson, Glasgow 1932
Opium Clippers, TheLubbock, BasilJames Brown and Son 1933
Round the Horn before the mastLubbock, BasilE.P. Dutton 1902
Western Ocean Packets, TheLubbock, BasilBrown & Son (Glasgow) LTD. 1988
Western Ocean Packets, TheLubbock, BasilCharles E. Lauriat 1925
A million miles in sailMcCullough, John HerriesDodd, Mead and Co 1933
American Sailing Coasters of the North AtlanticMorris, Paul C.Bloch and Osborn73-753791973
Nellie J. Banks, TheRobinson, Geoff and DorothyAlfa-graphics0-9691943-2-31980


Keywords: aberdeen, Archibald Russel, Arctic Stream, Arethusa, Ariel, Bedford, Black wall Frigates, Cape Horn, Capt CC Dixon, Captain David Perley Crowe, cargo, china, clipper 1830, Clipper ships, clippers, commerical sail, Cruisers, Dreadnought, Elginshire, Erin's Isle, fishing, fishing fleet, forward by Stackpole, Grace Harwar, Hallowe'en, Illsutrations, illustrated many photos and drawings, Iron Clippers, Lawhill, lines, liverpool, Lowell, Luckner, MaKay, merchant, New Zealand, Norfolk wherry, Normancourt, Nova Scotia, Ocean Packets, Old photos, opium, packets, Pamir, Passat, PEI, Photos, Pirate, plans, poppy, Prince Edward Island, prohibition, Rum-running, sailings ships 5 and 6 masts, samuels, schooner, Sea Warriors, Semantha, shipping, Ships, smuggling, Sovereign of the Seas, Tall Ships, Tasmania, The down Easters, Thermopylae, Thomas W. Lawson, Titania, Trade, USA, waterwitch, windjammers, Wool Clippers, Yachting

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