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Holdings - Nelson

The following represents a partial list of our holdings in the above category, and is limited to books (manuscripts, logs, periodicals, artwork, charts, etc are not included). Please note that the term "category" is a very general classification and in no manner should be considered as exclusive.

For example, "Arctic" might not contain titles that have been, perhaps arbitrarily, classified as biography, design, discovery, whaling, etc. "Navy" generally does not contain titles that are specific to the Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy (Dept of National Defense), or the United States Navy. And so on ...

A general set of keywords applicable to these titles follows below the table.

Title Author Publisher ISBN 1st ed
Life of NelsonAllen, JosephGeorge Routledge 1852
Battle of Trafalgar, TheBennett, GeoffreyNaval Institute Press0-87021--914-61977
Lost Ships, Bound, MensunSimon Schuster0-684-85251-91998
Nelson, the Essential heroBradford,ErnleHarcourt, Brace, Jovanovitch77-731141977
H.M.S. VictoryCommanding OfficerWaterlow Ltd.  
Nelson, the ManCorbett-Smith,Arthur (Major)Little, Brown 1932
Napoleon's Lost FleetForeman, Laura and Phillips, Ellen BlueRoundtable Press1-56331-831-81999
Nelson Almanac, TheHarris, David (ed)Conway Maritime Press0-85177-755-41998
Nelson Hattersley, RoySaturday Review Press0-8415-0288-91974
Nelson, a personal historyHibbert, ChristopherAddison-Wesley Publishing Co. 1994
Nelson the Immortal MemoryHowarth, David and StephenConway Classics0-85177-720-11988
Every man will do his dutyKing, DeanHenry Holt and Company0-8050-4806-91997
Trafalgar - an eyewitness accountLegg, Stuart (ed)John Day Company67-146131966
Anatomy of Nelson's ShipsLongridge, C NepeanNaval Institute Press0-87021-077-71961
Great battles of the British NavyLow, Lt Charles R.George Routledge and Sons 1872
Naval Heritage, theMathew,DavidCollins 1944
Broadsides: the age of fighting sail 1775-1815Miller, NathanJohn Wiley and Sons, 0-471-18517-52000
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 1 1777-1794)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-048-51844
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 2 1795 - 1797)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-049-31844
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 3 Jan 1798 - Aug 1799)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-050-71844
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 4 Sep 1799 - Dec 1801)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-051-51844
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 5 jan 1802 - Apr 1804)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-052-31844
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 6 May 1804 - July 1805)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-053-11844
Dispatches and Letters of Lord Nelson (Vol 7Aug 1805 - Oct 1805)Nicolas, Sir NH (ed)Chatham Publishing1-86176-054-x1844
Men of War: Life in Nelson's NavyO'Brian, PatrickW.W. Norton0-393-03858-01995
Life and Times of Horatio HornblowerParkinson,C. NorthcoteBarnes and Noble0-707-0944-01996
Nelson and his WorldPocock. TomViking68-164451968
Decision at TrafalgarPope, DudleyJ.B. Lippincott60-78481968
England ExpectsPope, DudleyWeidenfeld and Nicolson 1959
Great Gamble, Nelson at Copenhagen, ThePope, DudleySimon and Schuster671-21404-71972
Life in Nelson's NavyPope, DudleyUnwin Hyman0-04-359008-X1981
Hornblower's Navy, Life at Sea in the Age NelsonPope, SteveOrion0-75281-774-41998
Nelson and the HamiltonsRussell, JackSimon and Schuster70-796381969
Nelson and the HamiltonsRussell,JackCopp Clark 1969
Trafalgar - count down to battle 1803-1805Schom, AlanMacmillin & Company Ltd.0-689-10255-91990
Life of Nelson, TheSouthey,RobertGibbings and Co 1813
TrafalgarTerraine, JohnMason, Charter0-88405-387-31975
With the Utmost possible despatch - poems of Nelson's NavyTurner, HarrySpellmount Ltd1-86227-175-52002
NelsonWalder, DavidDial Press0-8037-6431-61978
A Portrait of Lord NelsonWarner, OliverThe Reprint Society 1958
Nelson's BattlesWarner, OliverB.T. Batsford Ltd 1965
Nelson's BattlesWarner, OliverMacmillin & Company Ltd.64-255041965
Hero of Trafalgar - The story of Lord NelsonWhipple, A.B.C.Random House 1955
Nelson Companion, theWhite, Colin (ed)Bramley1-85833-765-81995
NelsonWilkinson, ClennelLongmans, Green and Co, NY 1931


Keywords: Alexander Davison, Athens, battle of the nile, bibliography, biographical sketches, biography, calendar, chronology, colour, Copenhagen, Copenhaven, crew, CS Forester, death, design, diagrams, edited, emma, extracts, family tree, fleets, fleet lists, Great Britain, guide to H.M.S. victory, gunnery, guns, hallowell, hamilton, Hero, History, Hood, illustrated, illustrated by Frank Brangwyn, illustration, illustrations in /w, images, index, intro by John Masefield, letters, life, life in the Navy, modern, naples, napoleon, napoleonic wars, naval history, Navarino, navy, nelson, Nelson's Agamemmnon, Nelson's time, nile, nisbet, outcomes, parker, photos, portraits, press reports, RN, signals, Sir William, sources, spain, the Nile, time-line, trafalgar, tribute, Tudor, Turkey, victory, warship, witnesses

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