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The following represents a partial list of our holdings in the above category, and is limited to books (manuscripts, logs, periodicals, artwork, charts, etc are not included). Please note that the term "category" is a very general classification and in no manner should be considered as exclusive.

For example, "Arctic" might not contain titles that have been, perhaps arbitrarily, classified as biography, design, discovery, whaling, etc. "Navy" generally does not contain titles that are specific to the Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy (Dept of National Defense), or the United States Navy. And so on ...

Title Author Publisher ISBN 1st ed This ed
Navy Song Book(ed)Bureau of Navy Personnel 19581
American Folksongs and spirituals(ed)Hal Leonard0-634-01694-619961
Old-time songs of Newfoundland(ed)Gerald S. Doyle Ltd 19551927
Songs of Canada(ed)Gordon V. Thompson 19391
Songs of Canada - words and music(ed)Gordon V. Thompson Ltd, Toronto 19391
Deep the water, Shallow the ShoreAbrahams, Roger DUniversity of Texas Press0-292-71502-119741
Best loved songs of the American peopleAgay, DenesDoubleday0-385-14006-119741
Jongleur songs of old QuebecBarbeau, MariusRutgers University Press58-1082819621
Chansons of Old French CanadaBarbeau, Marius (ed)Chateau Frontenac, Quebec 19201
Folk songs of old QubecBarbeau, Marius (ed)National Museum of Canada 19642nd rev
I hear America singingBarnes, Ruth AJohn C. Winston 19371
Wander-ShipsBassett, WilburOpen Court Publishing Company 19171
New Studies in Canadian Folk LoreBeaugrand, HonoreE.M. Renouf 19041
Folklore and the SeaBeck, HoraceMarine Historical Association0-8195-4062-519731
Blue HarbourBedell, LauraPicton Gazette 19471
Still Wet Behind the EarsBlack, LesleyFernhurst Books0-906754-26-719861
Capstan BarsBone, David W.Porpoise Press 19311
Fireside book of favorite American SongsBoni, Margaret BradfordSimon and schuster 19521
American Folklore, A treasury ofBotkin, BACrown Publishers 19445imp
Fo'c's'le YarnsBrown, T.E.University Press of America0-7618-1215-619841
Flowers of the sea, TheBush, Capt Eric, RNGeorge, Allen and Unwin71-1419691962 
Music Publishing in the Canadas 1800-1867Calderisi, MariaNational Library of Canada0-660-50454-519811
Ballads and LyricsCarman, BlissMcCelland and Stewart 19231
Maritime Folk SongsCgeighton, HelenRyerson Press, Toronto62-1138619621
Cape Breton Collection, The Choyce Lesley (ed)Pottersfield Press0-919001-15-1719841
We Rant and We RoarClouston, AlClouston, Al09690904-1-219801
Songs of American SailormenColcord, Joanna C. W.W. Norton 19381
Songs of American SailormenColcord, Joanna C. W.W. Norton 19381
Sea Stories from Searsport to SingaporeColcord, LincolnNorth Country Press0-945980-29-919871990
Sea Ships and SailorsCole, WilliamViking Press67-2485619671
Le dit du vieux marinColeridge, Samuel TaylorVoiles/Galimard 19751
Cahiers de Chants de marins Vol 1Colleu, M. (ed)Chasse-Marée2-903-708-12-619881
Cahiers de Chants de marins Vol 2Colleu, M. (ed)Chasse-Marée2-903-708-xx-x19931
Cahiers de Chants de marins Vol 3Colleu, M. (ed)Chasse-Marée2-903-708-65-719961
Cahiers de Chants de marins Vol 4Colleu, M. (ed)Chasse-Marée2-903-708-xx-x19981
Cahiers de Chants de marins Vol 5Colleu, M. (ed)Chasse-Marée 20001
Guide des Chants de MarinsColleu, M. (ed)Chasse-Marée - Armen2-903708-73-819971
We stand on GuardColombo, John Robert and Richardson, MichaelDoubleday0-385-25002-919851
Musings of a MarinerCorkum, Alexander CAtlantic Printing Company 19211
Song Book, Canada Steamship LineCoverdale (M.D., W.H. Canada Steamship Lines 19251
Bluenose ghostsCreighton, HelenMcGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd0-07-07709-819571976
Bluenose ghostsCreighton, HelenRyerson Press 19571
Cruising Ballads in Nova Scotia (Canadian Geographical Magazine)Dallyn, Gordon M.Canadian Geographical Magazine 19381
Songs of Sea and SailDay, Thomas FlemingRudder Publishing Co 18981
Amorosa contienda de la francia, italia, y espanaDe Cisneros and Campos MartinezImpresa de la real universidad 17611
When laughter put to SeaDixon, LangfordLangmar Studio 19681
Cruising for ballads in Nova ScotiaDoerflinger, WilliamCanadian Geographic Journal 19381
Shantymen and shantyboysDoerflinger, WilliamMacmillan Company 19511
Shantymen and shantyboysDoerflinger, WilliamMacmillan Company 19511
Fisherman's LuckDyke, Henry vanCopp Clark, Toronto 18991915
Northeast from BaccalieuFeltham, JohnHarry Cuff Publications0-921191-59-619901
Folk Songs of CanadaFowke, Edith Fulton and Johnston, RichardWaterloo Music Co 19541
Complete Plays of Gilbert and Sullivan, TheGilbert, SullivanModern Library   
Songs od the SailorGrasso, GlennMystic Seaport Museum Inc0-913372-84-619981
Art of coarse sailing, TheGreen, MichaelHutchinson Of London 19624
Art of Coarse Cruising, TheGreen, MichaelHutchinson of London0 09 127950 X19762
Rhymes for the IrreverentHarburg, E.Y.Grossman Publishers 19651
Legends, Poems and Stories of the French RiverHass, Gusprivate 19941
Crossing the EquatorHenningsen, HenningMunksgaard 19611
Songs from the Front and RearHopkins, AnthonyHurtig Publishers, 0-88830-172-319791
Songs from the Front and RearHopkins, AnthonyHurtig Publishers, 0-88830-172-319791
Shanties from the Seven SeasHughill, StanMystic Seaport0-913372-70-619611994
SailortownHughill, StanRoutledge and Kegan Paul67-1223019671
Shanties and Sailors' songsHughill, StanPraeger Publishers69-1670319692
Songs the whalemen SangHuntington, GaleDover Publications486-22169-519641970
Yachtsman's Weekend Book, theIrving, JohnSeeley, Service and Co 19381963
Yachtsman's Weekend Book, theIrving, JohnSeeley, Service and Co 19381963
Sea Songs of sailing, whaling and fishingIves BurlBallantine Books 19561
Splendour from the Sea : The Saga of the ShantymenKeller, W. PhillipMoody Press, Chicago50-8224 (LC)19631963
Seven Seas, TheKipling, RudyardD. Appleton and Co 18981 US
Five Nations, TheKipling, RudyardDoubleday, Page 19031 US
Puck of Pook's HillKipling, RudyardDoubleday, Page 19061 US
Closed book, TheLane, WilmotMacMillan Company 19431
QuebecLane, WilmotMacMillan Company 19361
Ballad Book, TheLeach, MacEdwardA.S. Barnes and Co0-498-06055-119551975/6imp
Fille De LoireLeVraux, DenisPays D'Ancenis2-84231-148-520001
Gifts from the SeaLindbergh, Anne MorrowPantheon Books0-679-40683-219551992
Folk Songs of Old New EnglandLinscott, Eloise HubbardMacMillan 19391
Log-Book Notes (through life)Little, Elizabeth A.Whit and Allen 18891
Folk songs of North America, TheLomax, AlanDoubleday and Company, New York60-1518519601
Woods and the Sea, TheLunt, Dudley CammettKnopf64-1909819651 / 2imp
Nantucket Scrap BasketMacy, William F.Houghton Mifflin Co 19161984
Songs of Seas and Tall ShipsManners, Tom EMurray and Gee 19421
Generation Risen, AMasefield John Collins, London 19421
Mainsail Haul, AMasefield, JohnGrafton0-246-13177-219051987
Complete PoetryMasefield, JohnUK 19301
Taking of the GRY, theMasefield, JohnMacmillan Company 19341
Victorious Troy or the Hurrying AngelMasefield, JohnMacmillan Company 19351967
Wanderer of Liverpool, TheMasefield, JohnMacmillan Company 19301
Salt water poems and balladsMasefield, JohnMacmillan Company 19121936
Conway, TheMasefield, JohnMacmillan Company 19331
Salt-Water BalladsMasefield, John   1
Sailor's Garland, AMasefield, JohnMacmillan, New York 19061
Wanderer of Liverpool, TheMasefield, JohnWilliam Heinemann Ltd 19301
Salt-Water Poems and Ballads Masefield, JohnThe MacMillan Co. 19161916
Songs and sketches of the first Clearwater crewMcLean, DonNorth River Press 19701
Starboard Your Port up the MastMercury MarineMercury Marine   
Mermaid of ZennorMolony, eileenEdmund Ward 19461
Open BoatsNoyes, AlfredWilliam Blackwood and Sons 19171
ChansonsO'Brien, OscarAD l'Action Catholique 1948 
Adventures of a Post CaptainOfficer, NavalMethuen and Company 18201904
Oxford book of sea songsPalmer, Roy (ed)Oxford University Press0-19214159-719861
Passionate Sailor, ThePatterson, GaryContempory Books, Inc 19871
Songs of the Newfoundland Outports (Volume 3)Peacock, KennethNational Museum of Canada 19651
Imminent all areasPeyton, MikeNautical Books0-7136-5720-019871
Come SailingPeyton, MikeNautical Books0-245-5277-119751
On the EbbPeyton, MikeFernhurst Books1-898660-53-019981
Music of the SeaProctor, DavidNational Maritime Museum0-11-29052019921
Superstitions of SailorsRappoport, Angelo S.Stanley Paul, London 19281
14 Barrels from sea to seaReany, JamesPress Porceptic0-88878-151-219771
Mystery of the "Ocean Star", TheRussell, W. ClarkRous and Mann Ltd. 1897 
Haulin' Rope and GaffRyan, Shannon and Small, LarryBreakwater Books0-919948-52-919781
Songs of a SourdoughService, RobertRyerson Press, Toronto 19441
Songs of a sour-doughService, Robert W.Ryerson Press, Toronto 19071944
More pious friends and more drunken companionsShay, FrankConstable and Company, London 19611
My pious friends and drunken companionsShay, FrankDover Publications 19271961
American Sea Songs & ChanteysShay, FrankNorton 19481
Sailor's Treasury, AShay, FrankW.W. Norton and Co 19511
Songs of the Sea, River, Lakes and CanalsSilverman, JerryMel Bay Publications1-56222-283-x19921
Letters from Sinking ShipsSmith, John Private 19881
The Music of the Waters: a Collection of the sailors' Chanties, or Working Songs of the Sea, of All Maritime NationSmith, Laura AlexandrineKegan Paul, Trench and Co 18881969 re-imp
Moods of the seaSolley & SteainBaugh, George C. and EricNaval Institute Press0-87021-605-81981 
Climb the RiggingSollows, Atlanta S.J and A McMillan Ltd 19462
Will o' the wispSpray, CaroleBrunswick Press0-88790-106-9 19791984 reimp
Complete Poetical WorksStevenson, Robert LouisWilliam Heinemann Ltd 19241
Songs and Tales of the Sea KingsStinson, J. FrankPeabody Museum of Salem57-795419571
Grey Funnel LinesTawney, CyrilRoutledge and Kegan Paul0-7102-1270-419871
Intimate history of New BrunswickTrueman, StuartMcClelland and Stewart0-7710-8607-519701982
Sea Sequel to the Week-end BookVariousNonesuch Press 19341
Cent plus belles chansonsVariousEditions musicales la bonne chanson 19561
Golden book of Favorite songs, TheVariousHall and McCreary Company 19463
Ocean And Truth Stage 1VariousToronto French school 19831
Narative verse satire in maritime Canada 1779-1814Vincent, Thomas BTecumseh Press0-919662-64-119781
SeascapesWalley, DeanHallmark Crown Editions73-7822219741
Sea songs and shantiesWhall, Captain W.B. Brown, Son and Ferguson0-85174-181-919101986
Flaming ship of OcracokeWhedbee, Charles HarryJohn F blair0-910244-61-819711981
Book of Blunders, TheWood, RobHallmark Editions 19741
With Pipe Paddle and SongYates, ElizabethE.P. Dutton and Co68-1341819681
Ghosts of Rockland CountyZimmerman, LindaSpirited Books0-9645133-3-119982000

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