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The following represents a partial list of our holdings in the above category, and is limited to books (manuscripts, logs, periodicals, artwork, charts, etc are not included). Please note that the term "category" is a very general classification and in no manner should be considered as exclusive.

For example, "Arctic" might not contain titles that have been, perhaps arbitrarily, classified as biography, design, discovery, whaling, etc. "Navy" generally does not contain titles that are specific to the Royal Navy, the Royal Canadian Navy (Dept of National Defense), or the United States Navy. And so on ...

Author Title Publisher ISBN 1st ed
(ed)Port of London Clipper Regatta   n.d
(ed)S. C. I. R. A. 1942  1942
(ed)S. C. I. R. A. 1954  1954
Bartlett, JamesRacing Yachts and DinghiesMacdonald and Co. 1960
Bavier, Robert N. JrSailing to WinDodd, Mead and Co78-868521947
Bavier, Robert N. JrSailing to WinDodd, Mead and Co62-135971947
Beken of Cowes, Stephens, OlinAmerica's Cup, The: 1851 To the PresentHarper Collins0-06-039117-01990
Bell, Helen C.Winning the King's CupG.P. Putnam's Sons 1928
Bender, Robert J (ed)U.S. Boats Volume 1US Boats 1953
Boardman, Edwin AYacht RacingLittle, Brown 1931
Boyd, Hunter, Jeff, DougTrials Canada 1Macmillan0-7715-9805-X1984
Boyd, Jeff and Hunter, DougTrials Canada 1 and the 1983 America's CupMacmillan of canada0-7715-9805-x1984
Bradford, ErnleAmerica's Cup, TheCountry Life Ltd 1964
Bruce, ErrollWhen the Crew Matter MostStanley Paul 1961
Bruce, ErrollWhen the Crew Matter MostConway Maritime Press0-85177-421-01961
Cadoret, BernardDragonSociété des Régates de Douarnenez France 1996
Canadian Yachting Association1985-1988 international racing rules, TheCanadian Yachting Association 1985
Canadian Yachting AssociationInternational Yacht Racing Rules 1989-1992CYA 1989
Clairmont, Armond (ed)1965 Year book and racing rulesCanadian Boating Federation 1965
Clark, MarkRed Dog & Great White Inside the America's CupByren House Publishing 0-920983-06-51986
Clark, MarkRed Dog and Great White: inside the America's CupByren House Publishing0-920983-06-51986
Clark, MarkRed Dog and Great White: inside the America's CupByren House Publishing0-920983-06-51986
Coles, K. AdlardHeavy Weather SailingAdlard Coles Ltd 1967
Coles, K. AdlardHeavy Weather Sailing (2nd)Adlard Coles Ltd 1967
Coles, K. AdlardHeavy Weather Sailing (3rd revised, 1981)John DeGraff Inc.8286-0105-41967
Coles, K. AdlardHeavy Weather Sailing (revised) John DeGraff Inc.8286-0067-81967
Conner, Dennis with Levitt, M.Sail like a ChampionSt Martin's Press, NY0-312-07078-01992
Conner, Dennis with Stannard, BruceComeback - my race for the America's CupSt Martins Press0-312-00900-31987
Cotter, Edward FOffshore game, the; today's ocean racingCrown Publishers Inc0-517-52884-31977
Cotter, Edward FSailing and racing catamaransChilton Books63-104181963
Creagh-Osborne, RichardThis is Racing - tactics and strategy in actionNautical Publishing Co0-245-53070-31977
Curry, ManfredRacing TacticsBell and Son 1932
Curry, ManfredRacing TacticsCharles Scribner's Sons73-51711949
Curry, ManfredYacht Racing : the aerodynamics of sails and racing tacticsCharles Scribner's Sons 1928
Davis, Murray Australian Ocean racingAngus and Robertson67-126981967
Dear, IanEnterprise to Endeavor, The J-Class YachtsAdlard Coles Nautical0-7136-5176-81977
Dear, IanFastnet: the story of a great ocean raceB.T. Batsford0-7134-0997-51981
Desmond, KevinPower BoatOrion Books0-517-56821-71988
Elvstrom, PaulExpert Dinghy and Keelboat RacingQuadrangle Books67-256321967
Eve, MartinOld Gaffer's Tale, AnSeafarer Books0-85036-424-81984
Fairchild, TonyAmerica's Cup Challenge: there is no secondNautical / Macmillan, London0-333-32527-31983
Fisher, Bob and Ross, BobAmerica's Cup 1987, TheHenry Holt and Company0-8050-0580-31987
Fisher, Gordon NCanada's Cup 1972Royal Canadian Yacht Club 1972
Flint, HarveyWinning Sailboat RacesBarnes and Company 1944
Forbes, Sir Hugh, & Laing, Sir MauriceFastnet Race InquiryRoyal Yachting Association  1979
Grube, Frank and Richter, GerhardBig Book of Sailing, TheBarron's0-8120-5324-91979
Grube, Frank and Richter, GerhardBig Book of Sailing, TheBarron's0-8120-5324-91979
Hambly, PeterRace Under SailStanford Maritime0-540-07173-01978
Hammond, Geoffret FShowdown at NewportWalden Publications 1974
Heath, EdwardSailing : A Course of my Life Sedgwick Jackson0-283-98225-x1975
Hewitt, R.L.Royal Dragon, TheRouthledge and Kegan Paul 1958
Hopkins, Robert J. (ed)North U. Smart CourseNorth Sails 1974
Hopkins, Robert J. (ed)North U. Smart CourseNorth Sails 1980
Hopkins, Robert J. (ed)North U. Smart CourseNorth Sails 1980
Horan, EllenThey Sail to WinYachting Publishing Corporation 1966
Howard-Williams, jeremyCrewing for offshore racingHenry Regnery0-8092-8840-01973
Howard-Williams, JeremyRacing Dinghy SailsQuadrangle Books8129-0172-X1971
Hunter, DougAgainst the OddsPersonal Library0-92510-43-41981
Illingworth, John HMalham story, TheNautical Publishing Co Ltd0-245-50859-71972
Imhoff, Fred and Pranger, LexThis is boat tuning for speedW.W. Norton 1975
Irving, JohnThe King's Britannia : The Story of a Great Ship Seeley Service & Co. Ltd. 1937
Irving, JohnThe King's Britannia : The Story of a Great Ship J.B. Lippincot 1937
John, Anthony with Dear, Ian (ed)The early challenges of the America's Cup (1851 - 1937)Salem House0=88162-253-21986
Johnson, PeterOcean Racing and Offshore YachtsNautical Publishing Co0-245-51057-51970
Johnson, Peter (ed)Offshore Manual InternationalNautical Publishing Company0-245-53039-81977
Jones, Theodore AOffshore Racer, The Quadrangle0-8129-0385-41973
Jones, Theodore A.The Offshore Racer Quadrangle0-8129-0385-41973
Knapp, ArthurRace Your Boat Right D. Van Nostrand Co. Inc. 1952
Knapp, Jr, Arthur Race your boat rightVan Nostrand Co 1952
Knecht, G. BruceProving Ground, TheLittle Brown and Co.0-316-4995-22001
Larkin,II, CharlesBetween cutwater and wakeJuniour league Magazine 1937
Larsen, PaulTo the Third PowerTilbury House09644058-0-61992
Lewis, DavidShip Would Not Travel Due West, TheRupert Hart-Davis, London 1963
Limbaugh, W. JayLightning Year Book 1958Spencer-Walker Press 1958
Loomis, Alfred F. Ocean Racng 1866-1935William Morrow and Co 1936
Loomis, Alfred F. Ocean Racng 1866-1935 (cloth cover)William Morrow and Co 1967
Luard, L.A Celtic Hurly-BurlyWilliam Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh 1931
Lundy, DerekGodforsaken SeaAlfred A. Knopf0-676-97137-71998
Marshall, RogerRace to Win W.W. Norton & Company0-393-03236-11980
Page, FrankSailing solo to AmericaQuadrangle Books0-8129-0298-x1972
Perry, DaveUnderstanding the Yacht Racing Rules Through 1988Dodd, Mead and Company0-396-08614-4, 0-396-08644-6 (pbk)1985
Phillips-Birt, DouglasBritish Ocean RacingAdlard Coles Ltd 1960
Proctor, IanRacing Dinghy HandlingKnight Books0 340 03781 41948
Proctor, IanSailing Strategy - Wind and CurrentAdlard Coles Limited / Granda Publishing0-229-11552-71978
Richard Whittingham (ed)Life in SportsHarper and Row0-06-015458-61985
Riggs, DougKeelhauled - unsportsmanlike conduct and the America's CupSeven Seas Press0-915160-85-41986
Robinson, BillBook of expert SailingCharles Scribner's Sons65-130681965
Rode, Nicobateaux a voiles et regatesGrange Bateliere S.A. 1969
Rousmaniere, JohnFastnet Force 10W.W. Norton and Company0-393-03256-61980
Saiing YearInternational Racing Annual, TheSailing Year0-905138-50-31987
Schiottz, EyvinPractical Yacht RacingAdlard Coles Ltd 1960
Shields, CorneliusCornelius Shields on SailingPrentice Hall inc64-140111964
Shields, CorneliusRacing with Cornelius Shields and the MastersPrentice Hall inc0-13-750224-91964
Smith, William AllenHow Sailboats win or lose racesVan Nostrand64-179561964
Smith, William AllenHow Sailboats win or lose racesVan Nostrand64-179561964
Somerville, HughYacht and Dinghy racing - tactics, tuning and handlingAdlard Coles Ltd 1957
Sports illustrated (ed)Book of small boat sailingJB Lippincott 1955
Stone, Herbert L and Taylor, William H.America's Cup Races, TheD. van Nostrand58-94351958
Stone, Herbert L.America's Cup Races, TheT. Werner Laurie Ltd. 1913
Tabarly, EricVictoire en Solitaire: Atlantique 1964Arthaud, Paris 1964
Teboul, Patrick (ed)World of Yachting, TheMessine2-86409-006-61981
Twiname, EricRules Book, TheAlard coles0-229-11839-91977
Twiname, EricStart to WinW.W. Norton0-393-03158-61974
Vaughan, RogerFastnet, One Man's VoyageSeaview books0-87223-587-41980
Vaughn, RogerFastnet, One man's yoyageSeaview Books0-87223-587-41980
Villiers, A.J.Falmouth for OrdersGarden City Publishing Company Inc. 1929
Walker, StuartTactics of Small Boat RacingW.W. Norton and Company 1966
Walker, Stuart HSmall boat racingW.W. Norton60-59501960
Walker, Stuart HWind and StrategyW.W. Norton0-393-03136-51973
Walter, Ahto and Olsen, TomRacing the SeasFarrar and Rinehart, New York 1935
Waugh, AlecLipton Story, TheDoubleday and Co 1950
Waugh, AlecLipton Story, TheDoubleday and Co 1950
Weld, Philip S.Moxie The American Challenge Atlantic-Little Bron0-316-92929-81981
Wells, Ted Scientific Sailboat RacingDodd, Mead and Company0-396-07690-41950
Wells, Ted Scientific Sailboat RacingDodd, Mead and Company0-396-07690-41950
Wheatley, KeithAmerica's Cup '87Key Porter1-55013-011-01986
Williams, ChristianStop the applause I'm not finishedTimes Books0-8129-0977-11981
Yacht Racing AssociationYacht Racing Rules 1947  1947
Yacht Racing UnionYacht Racing Associaion section 3 1947Yacht Racing Union 1947

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