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Great Lakes - history, geography links

5000 Great Lakes Wreck
Canadian Ship Owners' Association
D. Swayze Flat File Wrecklist
Directory of Great Lakes Commercial Sail
Great Lakes Historical Documents
Great Lakes Newspaper Transcript Database
Great Lakes Pilotage Authority
Great Lakes and Seaway Shipping
Great Lakes Shipwreck File 1679 - 1997
Great Lakes Vessels Index
Great Lakes Shipwreck Database
Great Lakes Shipwreck Locations GPS coordinates, etc
Historical Collections of the Great Lakes Online Vessel Database
Hodder, Edward M., MD Harbours and Ports of Lake Ontario, 1857
Lake Erie shipwrecks, mostly for divers
pre-1861 Great Lakes Enrollment Database
Lake Carriers' Association (US/Canada Great Lakes)
Marine Museum at Kingston Mills List and others
Maritime Newpaper Database Door County Advocate between 1862 and 1949.
Milwaukee Public Library's Great Lakes Marine Collection ex-Runge fonds
National Archives & Records Administration NARA Records Group 41
NARA Immigration records
NOAA Submerged Obstruction Database GL shipwrecks located by NOAA and Army Corps of Engineers
Online Databases & Documents Walter Lewis
People in Great Lakes shipping
St Lawrence Seaway History
Shipwreck Databases [Paul Hancock]
S.J. Edward Dowling Collection U of Mich archival Great Lakes vessel photos and data
Welland Canal Traffic, ships, photos, etc
Wisconsin Marine Historical Society Vessel Enrollments 43,000 Great Lakes vessels


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