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Lists and directories

North American and worldwide maritime museums - Robert H. Smith.
UK Maritime Museums - Dr Martin H Evans and Dr Janet West
World-wide maritime museums - Lars Bruzelius

Maritime Museums - Online
Maritime Museums - Peter McCracken
Maritime Museums - Schoonerman

Individual sites (Local / Ontario)

Association for Great Lakes Maritime History
Atlantic Challenge
Canoe Museum
The Great Lakes Historical Society
HMCS HAIDA - a historic naval ship
Historical Collections of the Great Lakes at Bowling Green State University (formerly The Institute for Great Lakes Research)
Marine Museum of the Great Lakes
Mariners' Park Museum
Maritime History of the Great Lakes
Muskoka Steamships

Individual sites

Apalachicola Maritime Museum
Arthur Ransome Society
Britain's National Maritime Museum
Catalina Island Museum
Center for Wooden Boats
Chesapeake Bay Museum
Connecticut River Museum
Council of American Maritime Museums
Elisha Kent Kane Historical Society
Exeter Maritime Museum
Fisherman's Life Museum
Fisheries Museum of Atlantic
Greenwich 2000
Hart Nautical Collections
Haze gray: naval history, DANFS, etc
Hudson's Bay Company and Nonsuch Replica
International Congress of Maritime Museums
Kendall Whaling Museum
Long Island Maritime Museum
Mariners' Museum
Maritime Arts and History Collection
Maritime and Yachting Museum
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
Maritime Museum of British Columbia
Maritime Museum of Pacific
Maritime Museum (Sheepvaart museum)
Maritime Underwater Nautical Archaeology
Mary Rose Virtual Maritime Museum
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Maritime History Archive
Merseyside Maritime Museum
Museums, Museum Ships & Preservation Efforts
Museums, Shipwrecks, and Projects
Mystic Seaport
Nantucket Lifesaving Museum
National Maritime Museum U.K.
Nautical Research Guild
Nauticus, National Maritime Center
Naval Museum of Alberta
Naval Museum of Manitoba (searchable database)
Navy Museum (Brittany)
New Zealand National Maritime Museum
Nonsuch Replica (HBC/Winnipeg)
North Carolina Maritime Museum
Nova Scotia Museum
Ocean liner museum
Peabody Essex Museum
Penobscot Marine Museum
Royal Greenwich Observatory
San Diego Maritime Museum
San Francisco park
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Santa Barbara Maritime Museum
South African Maritime Museum
Southport Maritime Museum
South Street Seaport Museum
Sydney Heritage Fleet
Texas Maritime Museum
Texas Seaport Museum
Torbay Museum and Heritage Committee, Torbay, Newfoundland
Underwater archaeology museums
United States Naval and Shipbuilding Museum
US National Park Service's National Maritime Initiative
Vasa Museum
Western Australia Maritime Museum
William G. Mather Museum Homepage (Steamer)
Windermere Steamboat Museum
Yarmouth County Museum & Archives Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

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