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Other naval links

Royal Navy

Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society
Royal Naval Association (Long Beach, California, USA)
Royal Naval Sailing Association
Royal Naval Medical Branch and Sick Berth Staff Association
The Association of Royal Navy Officers (ARNO)
Royal Naval Association (Aldershot Branch)
Royal Naval Patrol Service
Royal Naval Communications Association
The Reserve Officers Association
The Royal Navy web site - UK Gov't
The Royal Navy- The official website for the Royal Navy.
Royal Naval Association
Royal Naval Museum
Royal Navy Association Official publication of the Royal Navy Association.

US Navy

Society of US Naval Flight Surgeons
Union and Confederate Navies, records of
United States Naval and Shipbuilding Museum
US Naval Vessel Register
U.S. Naval Home
US Naval Historical Center Online Publications/Documents
USN Armed Guard - this is the index to the above
US Navy photographic archives
USN Online History Center
USN Ships History Branch


Imperial Japanese Navy

World Wars

WWI Casualties - U. S. Navy Ships Sunk
US Navy Armed Guard WWII Veterans - extensive, slow site
US Navy WWII fleet lists


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