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Shanty (shantey, chantey) and sea song links

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[these links and references to other sites are in somewhat alphabetical order order - based on our choice of titles for the sites]

Anthology of Shanties and Sea Songs
Bitter End
Bob Webb - Sea Shanties, Cape Horn
Cantaria - some traditional songs

Ship 'n' Shore 6th October 2001, Sheringham, Norfolk, UK.
Ultramarine 19-24 August 2001, Picton, Ontario, Canada
Sea Shanty Festivals Alan Hardy's compilation

G&S Opera by H.M. Walbrook, Chapter IV
Hanging Johnny - from Plymouth
International Shanty and Seasong Association
Johnny Collins's songs and shanteys
Louis Killen
Lyrics, Tunes and Historical Information
John Masefield on shanties, 1906
More shantey links
Music for sailors - Eileen Quinn
Music of the Sea
Newfoundland Folk Songs
Pete 'Shanty Jack' Hayselden
Rocky River Bush Band
Sea shanties at Northwest Seaport
Shanties - origins, some history
Shanties - another selection
Shanties and sea songs
Shanties - some notes, etc
Shanties and Sailor Songs
Shanties and Sea Songs
Shanteys at the Seaman Church Institute
Songs of the Sea
The Shantymen - traditional shanties
Tom Lewis
Victoria Nautical Song Circle
Wooden Ship Music, buy CDs etc
Yo Ho Ho; shanties

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