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cabestan soe

Capstan, cabestan, barbotin



Le cabestan à empreintes, ou couronne Barbotin. Couronne en fonte encastrée autour de la partie inférieure d'un cabestan. The English term 'gypsy' would apply to the barbotin (named after the Capitaine de Vaisseau Barbotin, whose original capstan capable of taking a chain without slipping, was developed at the Arsenal de Rochefort - circa 1830?).

From Soé, Dupont, Roussin, Vocabulaire des Termes de Marine, 1906.



From Dixon Kemp, Yacht and Boat Sailing, Edition Française, 1896, Paris, E. Bernard et Cie. Mounted on the gooseneck band, these are "Gipsy" halyard winches by Paget, sold by Atkey and Sons, Cowes, IoW.

Below, from the same reference, a winch invented by a Mr Bentall, of Molden, with a 2½ to 1 geared mechanism.

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