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NOTE: all articles courtesy the Picton Gazette, and are reprinted with permission.


Needs of Frigate 12 July 1944
Officers 14 July 1944
Organize Committee 19 July 1944
Nelson Connection 19 July 1944
Committee 19 July 1944

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July 12, 1944


     A meeting to discuss the providing of comforts for the frigate Hallowell, is being held Friday night, at 8 o'clock in Shire Hall. The Captain and First Lieutenant will be in attendance.
     Invitations have been extended to the Councils of Hallowell, Picton and Bloomfield, representatives of County Council, representatives of the Red Cross, I.O.D.E., Women's Institutes, Canadian Legion and Auxiliary, Navy League, Catholic Women's League, Rotary Club, Kinsmen Club. Anyone interested will be welcome as the visitors will explain what is required.
     Organizations holding meetings are requested to discuss the matter of a cash donation to the fund to provide comforts for members of the crew of this frigate.

July 14, 1944


      Representatives of all organizations, and other interested citizens, are urged to attend the public meeting in Shire Hall tonight (Friday) at eight o'clock, when matters concerning H.M.C.S. frigate Hallowell will be discussed.
     An official welcome and luncheon for the visitors, Lieut. E. S. N. Pleasance, R.C.N., and his first Lieutenant, Lewis Cannon, R.C.N.V.R., of the Hallowell will be held today at one o'clock at the Globe Hotel.
     These officers will attend the evening meeting along with Lieut. J. N. Cornish, of the Dept. of National Defence (Naval).
     The district has been honored by the naming of this frigate, and it is a matter of county pride that comforts be provided.

July 19, 1944

Organize Committee to Furnish Comforts For HMCS Hallowell

Officers of Frigate Visit Picton and Attend Meeting ­Appeal to County People to Assist in Providing Comforts Which are Required by Aug. 1st

     James deC. Hepburn, M.L.A. ably presided over a large and representative gathering in Shire Hall on Friday evening, that gathered to meet officers of H.M.C.S. frigate "Hallowell", to plan the providing of comforts to the ship's officers and men.
     Mr. Hepburn drew attention to the fact that the county had been honoured by the Naval Department in being asked to select a name for one of the frigates of the Canadian Navy. "We must show our appreciation of this honour conferred on the county," said Mr. Hepburn, "by providing comforts for the men to enjoy while at sea." Mr. Hepburn introduced the commanding officer of the "Hallowell", Lt. Commander E.S.N. Pleasance R.C.N.R.
     The ship's captain explained that they were provided with everything they needed for fighting, and with necessary clothing, such as shoes, uniforms and sou'westers. However, they were often at sea thirty days, and if sox, sweaters, helmets, etc., got wet, especially in winter time, there were not enough of these articles to supply changes.
     A used gramophone and records were always appreciated by the men, the captain said. On board the ship are doctors and dieticians, but such foods as preserves, ketchup, etc., were not provided but, when supplied, made for better feeling among the crew. A minimum of toasters and electric irons are supplied but, if they go wrong, they are not replaced, so extra electric appliances are appreciated.
Hallowell Was Sailor
     First Lieutenant Lewis Cannon, R.C.N.V.R., of the Hallowell, drew attention to the fact that the man Hallowell was one of the first to establish himself in this particular spot. Later he went to England, joined the Royal Navy and fought with Nelson at the battle of the Nile. He was one of Nelson's captains in one of his most brilliant victories.
     A ship in the navy is the only home the men on her have," said Lt. Cannon "A sailor must have everything that he would expect to have in his own home. I know the people of this county will feel it their pleasure and pride to give comforts to the ship that bears their name on the ocean."
Example of Others
     Lt. J. N. Cornish, R.C.N.V.R. of the Dept. of National Defence (Naval), has been instrumental in the outfitting of several frigates. He told how 75 citizens of Perth, three days after their ship, the "Lanark", was commissioned, went over the ship and saw what her needs were, and then set about to supply them. Lieut. Cornish explained that he had obtained a priority on the necessary articles and could get them at cost.
Ask Township Help
     Reeve Mcquaid of Hallowell, announced that he had made arrangements for a meeting of his council to explain to them the suggestions made at this meeting. He suggested that the organizations and councils work together.
     Deputy­Reeve Branscombe of Hallowell, suggested a grant from each unit for the purchase of these comforts.
     Lieut. Cornish suggested that a local fund be established, and that it be a continuous one. "Don't spend all the money at once. Send small things from time to time while we are at sea". He suggested that a lady be on the committee. Certain things, he said, could best be purchased in Montreal, and saved shipping charges. Trays or knick­knacks were not wanted but things the men really use.
Ask for Grant
     Rev. J.F. Reycraft made a motion that each organization make a grant towards the money required and that the fund be kept open.
     Mayor McKibbon inquired about the size of the equipment needed, and Lt. Cannon said 4 or 5 two­slice toasters were better than 1 ten or eleven slice toaster. The Lt. Suggested that a radio be eliminated as the ship is provided with a sound system. Standard washing machines are used and two are better than one. An old­type phonograph is enjoyed.
     The town of Perth raised between $2500 and $3000 and did a very fine job on their ship, the "Lanark".
     Reeve Cleave of Bloomfield, asked if we would need about the same amount, and Lieut. Cornish replied, "Raise as much money as you can, and buy as well as possible." He explained that some of the larger cities had donated articles that were nice, but not necessary, such as silver tea services, etc.
Crew Numbers 138
     Reeve Carter of Wellington, asked how many men served on the Hallowell and was told 178.
     Reeve Hughes of North Marysburgh said, "these boys are fighting for us, and should have every comfort available."
     Reeve Brummell of Athol said his township is interested and he would help all he could.
     Reeve Striker of South Marysburgh, suggested that all knitting for the navy here be sent to the Hallowell as these boys deserve all comforts. "Let the county as a whole get behind this."
     Lieut. Cannon suggested that the women knit extra comforts, and send them direct to the ship.
     Mr. C. G. Rutter explained that if a request from the commanding officer of the ship were sent to the Red Cross here for extra comforts they would get them.
     Mrs. G. N. McKibbon enquired how much money would be needed for the ship's library.
     Lieut. Cornish replied that the Montreal Book Depot supplies suitable books in lots of 1000 or more, but that subscriptions to weekly and monthly magazines were appreciated. They might arrive two months late but they get there eventually and are enjoyed.
Suggested Articles
     The following is the list of articles supplied to the "Lanark" and could be used as a guide to the Hallowell: 2 washing machines, 1 piano (donated by a citizen), 1 electric paint sprayer, 1 second­hand typewriter, 1 used gramophone, 200 records, subscriptions to magazines, 4­dozen pillow slips, 4­dozen sheets, 8 electric irons, 8 hot plates, 6 toasters, glasses, pictures of the township of Lanark, the town crest, sports equipment, $25 from the I.O.D.E. for cigarettes for the canteen.
Name Committee
     A Central Committee for Prince Edward County was selected as follows: Lindley Calnan, Clarence Mallory, Clarence Rutter, Chas Fraleigh, Mrs. McGibbon, The Mayor, The Reeves of all the municipalities, Mrs. Jas Hedges, Mrs. Robert Jones, Warden Onderdonk, Jas deC Hepburn, M.L.A., Mrs. W.G. Grothier, Mrs. J.A. Beckwith, Chas H. McGibbon, Sam Sinton, Wm. Branscombe, Miss Purtelle.
     Clarence Mallory drew attention to the fact that the township of Hallowell formerly included Athol and both Marysburghs and said he was sure Prince Edward County would rise to this occasion, and look after the boys who are braving the stormy sea on our behalf.
     Dr. Roblin said he was sympathetic to this appeal, and no doubt the county would ably deal with the matter. "These gentlemen of the navy give their time," said the Dr., "we'll do the rest."
Commissioned in August
     The captain of the Hallowell asked particularly for a crest of Hallowell, and that all who could would come down to see the Hallowell, which may be commissioned by the first week in August, and will require the comforts by that date.
     Reeve Cleave suggested a special meeting of County Council to make a sizeable donation.
     Previous to adjournment, a suggestion made by L. B. Calnan that the committee appoint an executive of not more than five members was made in the form of a motion by Rev. J. F. Reycraft, seconded by Reeve Henley and carried.

July 19, 1944

Sir Benjamin Hallowell Fought Under Nelson

     During the visit of three Naval Officers representing H.M.C.S. frigate Hallowell a luncheon was served Friday noon in their honour at the Globe Hotel. This was attended by 50 citizens, with F.D. (??) Ward, K.C. presiding as chairman. Following the meal, there was a brief program of addresses.
     Representing historical research by Canadian Vickers Ltd., a scroll was read by Mayor G. N. McKibbon which carried wording relating to the history of this area and to the record of Benjamin Hallowell in particular. This is of a nature to give much new information about the latter, who, leaving this area, fought as a captain under Nelson at the Battle on the Nile, was knighted, and later became an admiral in the British Navy. The scroll reads as follows:

H.M.C.S. Hallowell
Built and Engined by
Canadian Vickers Limited
Montreal, Canada

Keel laid November 5, 1943 ­ Launched March 28, 1944 ­ Completed in July 1944
     Hallowell ­ Prince Edward County ­ Province of Ontario ­ Canada, was visited for the time by loyalists in 1784- founded in 1797. The name "Hallowell" was given in honour of Benjamin Hallowell, who was a prominent loyalist, and formerly from Boston. The first meeting of the municipality took place in 1798. Amongst the first pioneers were Major Peter Vanalstine and Lieutenant Paul Huff. The first house was inhabited by Colonel Archibald MacDonald and was built by shipbuilders.
     Picton, founded in 1830, is an important town in Hallowell Township. A Canal was constructed between Picton and Prescott the same year. In 1830, the "Hallowell Free Press" was put into operation.
     Benjamin Hallowell was knighted and subsequently became an Admiral in the Royal Navy. The name Carew was added to his own after his own after his marriage to Mrs. Carew. Sir Benjamin fought as a Captain under Viscount Lord Nelson at the battle of the Nile. In the biographical memoirs of Nelson, published in 1806, it is recorded that Captain (later Admiral) Hallowell had been mentioned in despatches by Nelson.
     It may be said, therefore, that H.M.C.S. "Hallowell" has been named after one of Lord Nelson's Captains.
     Shown below is an authentic impression of the signature of Vice-Admiral Sir Benjamin Hallowell Carew, taken from the Carlton House Register in London, England, and dated September 11th, 1828.

(Signature appears here)

The signature of Sir Benj. Hallowell Carew and certain of the above information was obtained through the courtesy of Mr. C.G. Hallowell of Paris, Ontario, a distant relative of Sir Benjamin.
     Mayor McKibbon, Reeve Harold Cleeve and Sherman McQuaid expressed all official welcome to the visitors, and the thought that this area is proud of the ship carrying a local name, which, no doubt, will add laurels to the name.
Plan Picton Day
     Lt.-Com. Pleasance said that, when the ship is commissioned, it is hoped to organise a Picton Day, when a local delegation will be welcomed aboard the ship at the port of Montreal. He gave a brief outline of the development of the Canadian Navy from its strength of seven corvettes, some trawlers and a few old U.S. destroyers in 1940 to its present much enlarged status. He referred to the frigate as a class of ship in line with the destroyer class as to size and armament, which is able to stay at sea for a month.
Historical Record
     Lieut. Lewis Cannon referred to the moment as a wonderful meal in a wonderful town in a paradise. He suggested that the record of Admiral Hallowell gives inspiration to this area from a naval standpoint, just as the record of General Sir Thomas Picton is illustrious as a soldier. As a result of the naval battle of the Nile, where Admiral Hallowell fought, the enemy force was bottled up in Egypt, and Sir Thos. Picton, under the Duke of Wellington, led the charge which defeated Marshall Ney, Napoleon's general at the battle of Waterloo. I hope now that your area will have the honour of contributing to the overthrow of the man who has desired to engulf the freedom of this generation, he said.
     Lieut. J. N. Cornish spoke briefly, referring to his work in supervising the outfitting of newly commissioned ships.
Group Capt. Collingwood
     Group Capt. C. J. Collingwood, R.A.F. referred to the needs of this war having developed in the forces of the Allies a knowledge and spirit which has lead to the greatest co-operation between the navy, the army and the air force. The science of "combined operations" has been more successfully carried out than at any previous time in British history, for we know that no one service in these days can be successful without the co-operation of the other, he said. I have the greatest admiration for the navy, the Group Captain said. They carry out a long grind under the most trying conditions, without complaint. There is a long and illustrious tradition, and I am sure that H.M.C.S. Hallowell will further contribute to the glorious history.

July 19, 1944


     At the committee meeting following the general meeting, the following were elected as a committee to supervise the raising of money to provide the necessary comforts for H.M.C.S. Hallowell:
     Lindley Calnan, chairman; C. G. Rutter, Secretary; Clarence Mallory, Treasurer; Jas. DeC. Hepburn, M.L.A., Reeves Sherman McQuaid, Calvin Hughes, Mrs. C. H. McGibbon, Mrs. Jas. Hedges, Mrs. R. A. Jones, Miss M. Purtelle.
     Discussion of the committee led to adoption of procedure in which County Council and representatives of organizations met last night to consider ways and means to raise the necessary money.

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