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Tag Day 21 July 1944
County Grants $200 21 July 1944
Tag Day Saturday 26 July 1944
Appeal 28 July 1944
Merchant Response 28 July 1944
Commissioning 28 July 1944
Tag Day $1192.11 2 August 1944
Washing Machine 11 August 1944
George Medal 19 August 1944
Picton Group Entertained 24 August 1944
Gifts Appreciated 27 September 1944

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July 21, 1944


     A meeting is called at County Council Chambers for Tuesday evening, July 25 at 8 p.m. for the organization of a Tag Day for the H.M.C.S. Hallowell fund­the Tag Day being set for Saturday, July 29th.
     Mrs. S. J. Colliver (??) convenor of the tag Day Committee, desires that all adult persons attend this meeting who can assist in any way with the organization of this Tag Day, and she would like to have a generous attendance at the meeting. At the same time, information should be ready to be handed on to her by those in attendance as to what adults and girls can assist in the tagging on July 29.

July 21, 1944

County Grants $200, Comforts for Frigate

     Council Members Give Indemnities and Donations Totalling $10­Organizations Pledge Assistance­Plan Tag Day July 29­Public Invited to Contribute
     Whenever new ships of the Canadian Navy have been commissioned, they have borne the names of various Canadian communities. Those cities and town have adopted the ships bearing their name, and the communities have raised substantial funds to purchase additional equipment which is not provided for in the ship's establishment.
     The City of Toronto, in the case of H.M.C.S. Toronto, raised an initial fund of $18,500, the City of Belleville for H.M.C.S. Belleville, over $8,000, while St. Marys for H.M.C.S Stonetown, Port Hope for H.M.C.S. port Hope, and Perth for H.M.C.S. Lanark raised between $3,000 and $4,000 each.
     It has grown to be a matter of community pride that the ships bearing their name shall be as well equipped as other ships­of­war.
     In the case of H.M.C.S. Hallowell, to be commissioned in two weeks, more or less, the three naval officers visiting Prince Edward County last week discussed a list of first essentials of equipment, item by item, with Messrs. Lindley Calnan and Clarence Rutter. As a result of this disscussion, the impression was received that items of equipment, listed as necessary, were most modest in comparison to the manner in which a good many other municipalities have equipped their namesake ships.
County Council Helps
     Members of County Council earnestly discussed their contributions to the H.M.C.S. Hallowell fund at a special meeting Tuesday evening. These members showed their hearts are in the right place by contributing their indemnities for the special meeting to the fund, and by adding personal contributions from their pockets to make the indemnities up to $10 each.
     Further to that, County Council made a grant of $200 to the "Hallowell" fund, a grant which was limited to that amount because the County's budget at this time of the year is definitely planned, and the County rate struck.
     County Council was addressed by Lindley Calnan, committee chairman, Mayor N. McKibbon, Cnas. McGibbon, Mrs. W. G. Grothier, Mrs. A. Beckwith, Mrs. Jas. Hedges, Mrs. R.A. Jones, Miss M. Purtelle, Mrs. C. H. McGibbon, Mrs. Nesbitt McKibbon, representing organizations to request a grant as a beginning for the fund, and to point out the close tie between the naming of the ship and the County's history, as well as the fact that a ship is a sailors home for months on end, without leave.
     Following the Council session the H.M.C.S. Hallowell committee met to receive pledges of financial assistance to the fund from various organizations and to make further plans which now include a Tag Day for Saturday, July 29th.
     It is possible that other organizations not represented at the Committee meeting, may be approached as to what they can do to assist the fund, or that such organizations might consider what they can do.

July 26, 1944

Tag Day On Saturday For H.M.C.S. Hallowell

Generous Response Asked So That Comforts Can be Supplied

     A meeting was held last night to complete plans for the tag day being held next Saturday. The money thus raised will be used to furnish comforts for H.M.C.S. Hallowell.
     There are approximately 180 men in the ships crew, and a generous response in requested. Special donations will be gratefully received.
     Comforts to be supplied include equipment for recreation, musical instruments, various types of electrical equipment, games, sewing kits, items for the canteen, and other little comforts which mean so much to those who must spend long days at sea.
     Special donations may be left with C. H. McGibbon, Bert Burns, John Arnaud, J.M. Hartwick, Harold Cleave, or the Gazette office. Cheques should be written payable to "Clarence Mallory, treasurer, H.M.C.S. Hallowell Fund"
     It is urgent that individuals and organizations give what assistance they can, without delay.
     Taggers who are assisting Saturday are requested to report to team captains at the new Lipson store at 8 a.m. on that day.

July 28, 1944

An Appeal To The People of Prince Edward

     An appeal is made to Prince Edward County people to be as generous as possible related to the Tag Day on Saturday this week to raise a fund to provide comforts for the frigate, H.M.C.S. Hallowell.
     When new ships have been built and commissioned in the Canadian Navy, they have been given names representing different Canadian communities, and the areas thus honoured have adopted the ships bearing their name. These city and country areas have proceeded to raise funds which in most cases have run to several thousand dollars, associated with the ship bearing the local name. It is a matter of community pride that the ship bearing a local name shall be as well equipped as other ships of the same class.
     Comforts for H.M.C.S. Hallowell now listed as essential include such items as washing machines, toasters, hot­plates, irons, paint sprayer, pictures of Prince Edward County, shoemaker's outfit, etc., including a list of items which make living on ship­board as comfortable as may be. A ship is a sailor's home, and, in this war, a sailor has been likely to spend many weeks or many months without setting his foot ashore. These items to be purchased by H.M.C.S. Hallowell Fund are those not included in a ship's establishment by the Department of National Defence (Navy), but which are regarded by the ship's officers and ratings as essential to proper living conditions.
     People of Prince Edward County­will you adopt H.M.C.S. Hallowell as your own! The name is associated with the township of Hallowell now. Earlier in local history, the area named Hallowell included Picton, Bloomfield, part of Sophiasburgh, the two Marysburghs and Athol. It is a name associated as much as possible with the whole of Prince Edward County history and tradition.
     County organizations and individuals are asked to make as large donations as possible to the fund. When donations are made by cheques, the latter should be made payable to "Clarence Mallory, Treas., H.M.C.S. Hallowell Fund." Receipts are given for income tax purposes.
     Mrs. S. J. Collier is convener of the Saturday Tag Day committee, and she has been most generous with her time, acting in a similar capacity with the charitable and patriotic funds tag days of the previous Great War, as well as this one. Mrs. Collier asks that those who will act as "taggers" on Saturday­­girls or boys, as well as adults­­shall report at Tag Day Headquarters at the new Lipson store on Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m.
     Signed on Behalf of H.M.C.S. Hallowell Fund Committee
     Lindley Calnan, Chairman

July 28, 1944


     A special canvas of merchants and others is being held in connection with the tag day in Picton, Bloomfield and Wellington tomorrow, to provide comforts for H.M.C.S. Hallowell. Mrs. S. J. Collier, who is in charge, reports a very generous response, with around $300 contributed.
     Anyone willing to help with a special donation may leave same at the Gazette, if not contacted.
     The General public can do their part to uphold the honour of the county, by giving generously to the taggers.
     Organizations making donations are asked to do so as soon as possible.

July 28, 1944


     News is at hand yesterday that residents of Prince Edward County will be welcomed at a commissioning party for the frigate H.M.C.S. Hallowell at the Vickers yards in Montreal on Wednesday, Aug. 16th.
     Those who can attend from this district may be assured of a pleasant, interesting and instructive day.

August 2, 1944

Tag and Gift Day For HMCS Hallowell Brings in $1192.11

Special Donations Help Swell Total­Buy comforts for Crew of Frigate

     The H.M.C.S. Hallowell Fund received a splendid boost as a result of the tag and gift day held Saturday.
     From the sale of tags in Picton, Bloomfield, Wellington and at the Sandbanks, $443.62 was realized. The air stations were not canvassed. About 5,300 persons purchased tags.
     Special donations received totalled $585.65 to make a grand total for the day of 1029.27.
     To that total is added collections for the fund taken at the theatre entrance during the recent Victory Loan campaign totalling $162.84, making a grand total credited to Tag Day collections of $1192.11.
     Included in the list of special subscriptions totalling $585.65 are Wellington Board of Trade, $50; Picton Navy League, 50; Prince Edward County Women's Institutes, $50. A list of special subscriptions for smaller amounts appears hereunder.
     In the tagging, $381.51 was in the boxes in Picton, $38.86 in Wellington and 23.25 in Blooomfield.
     The sum of 1192.11 credited to the H.M.C.S. Hallowell Tag Day goes a long way towards making a fund similar in size to the two and three thousand dollar funds raised by other communities which have adopted a ship named in their honour.
     Thanks of H.M.C.S. committee members, and especially of Mrs. S. J. Collier, convener of the tag day committee is extended to the taggers and all others who assisted to make the day a great success, despite the fact that it was arranged on short notice, and at a busy time of year.
     Captains for tagging were: Mrs. J. Goodwin, Mrs. Sinton, Mrs. Conway, Mrs. Calnan, Mrs. Mason, Mrs. Daubney, Mrs. Harrison, Mayor McKibbon, Mrs. Gerow, Mrs. Seely, Mrs. Kemsley, Mrs. N. McKibbon, Picton: Mrs. Buttars and Mrs. Cleave, Bloomfield:J.M. Hartwick, Wellington.
Special Donations
     $25 subscriptions­Thos. W. Kinney, Mayor N. McKibbon.
     $20 subscriptions­Royal hotel
     $15 subscriptions­Mrs. H. W. Bedell, Alex Lipson
     $10 subscriptions­Hogg & Lytle, H. J. McFarland, G.E. Frazer Sons, R. Hadde, Picton Gazette, Glenora W.E.C., Cater Brothers, Ltd.
     Special donation $162.84 from collections taken at Victory Loan rallies by P. Dodds.
     $5 subscriptions ­ Goodwill Club, Stedman Store, Legion Post 7B, Mrs. Robt. Jones, E.H. Purtelle, Dr. C. A. Publow, Ralph Warren, Howard Wood, Burt Tully, John Maher, Buff Cooper, Colliver & Huff, Jas. deC.Hepburn, Howard Leavens, Dr. A.H. Walton, Gordon Whattam, A.M. Powers, E.S. Field, Wm. Branscombe, G.M. Hicks, D. d'Esterre, Laverne Minaker, Mrs. C.A. Jones, P.L. Ward, S.M. Sinton, Dr. Huffman, Ed. Williams, Fred Stafford, Bernard Kingsley, Catholic Women's League, Geo. Cook, Fred Newman Ltd., East Lake War Group.
     $3 subscriptions­The Fair, Maher Shoe Store, F.W. Runnells.
     $2 subscriptions­M. Rorabeck, Picton Times, Major W.J. Grothier, Wrights Drug Store, N. Yanover, Gentile's, M. Mason, Jas. Walmsley, Miss C. Mitchell, Buford's Transport, K. Foster, L. Robinson, A Friend, Mrs. R. Hudgin, W.A. Davis, Mrs. S. G. Foster, Inrig's Drug Store, Royal Beauty Salon, S.E. Teasel, Mr. And Mrs. Falconer, Ray Hicks, Wm. Tait, Adams & VanDusen, Star Cafe, Goodwill Club (Mrs. Seeley), F.J. Webster, Philip Dodds.
     $1 subscriptions­Mrs. F. Moore, Mrs. Chas. Spencer, Eola Owen, Mr. Couper, Tom Kostoff, H. bowers, Mrs. F.L. Ward, Dr. J. H. Cryan, W. S. Lane, N. Welsh, M. Finnigan, J. LeHeup, C. G. Rutter, J. B. Dunkley, J. P. Williams, A. Keep, A. E. Grindrod, H. Doyle, P. Ballie, E. Shannon, Geo. Andrews, Mrs. Taylor, W. A. Pope, Alf King, Chas. Rand, R. B. Small, V. Lockwood, C. Hooper, H. G. Blakely, J. K. Dodds, Leaond McDonald, Peter Fralick, Capt. Craig, R. Frederick.
     Misc. donations­Crawford Cleaning, Mrs. J. Cook, Mr. McConnell, H. Knappman, Mr. Hyatt, Mr. Roblin, Lee Lee Co., C. Cole.
     List of taggers and amount collected; Janet Williams 10.81; Gordon Duetta 11.59; Betty Wright 4.38; Doreen McKinnon 3.09; Doris Ryan 7.56; Lorraine Armstrong 4.23; Bobby Colliver 2.03; Patricia Lace 8.21; Shirley Pickering 5.83; Lou Garrison 10.50; Beverly Lawson 10.39; Randal Claxton 3.56; Mrs. R. C. Gerow 6.02; S. Jones 11.01; Mrs. W. Harrison 8.30; Harry Harrison 10.65; Joan Leavitt 12.35; Mrs. Anderson 3.79; Mrs. F. Kemsley 22.96; Phil Dodds; Betty Peters 10.00; Betty Pickering 10.82; Joan Cottee 5.66; Douglas Demill 3.10; Kenneth Shortt 4.06; Mrs. G.N. McKibbon 7.25; Florence Chapman 17.24; Joan Ross 4.23; Lynn Arnaud 9.89; Allan Scott 6.82; Anne Carroll 11.23; Carmel Demaree 6.16; Barbard Devine 4.47; Helen Bourke 2.59; no name on box 7.14; Nina Harrison 1.20; Patsy Swayne 4.54; Barbara Terwilligar 5.01; Helen Terwilligar 1.11; Peggy Rawlins 4.32; Agnes F. Jones 6.99; Mary Cole 10.53; Dorothy Ryan 5.81; Patricia Hooper 2.40; Mary Haylock 2.98; Madolin Pearce 4.63; Ruby McGiffin 4.60; Mercedes Scott 2.80; Helen Bongard 3.20; Gerald Desjardin 79c; Beverly Ann Mason 3.87; Harry Welch 1.45; Jimmy Ryan 3.69; Mrs. H. Daubney 8.07
Wellington Taggers
Patsy McVicker     12.72
Mavis Snider     11.38
Beverly Hartwick     11.08
Merle Thompson     3.68

August 11, 1944

Commission Frigate Wednesday, Town Gives Washing Machines

     Councillor C. H. McGibbon will represent the town at the commissioning of H.M.C.S. Hallowell at the Vicker's yards in Montreal on Wednesday, August 16, being chosen by Town Council Monday night. Council voted to purchase two washing machines for the frigate.
     Residents of Prince Edward County will be welcome at the commissioning as well as formey county people residing in Montreal.
     Will those who intend to attend this event kindly notify Clarence Rutter, secretary the local H.M.C.S. Hallowell Committee, this week­end.
Tells of Need
     At Town Council, l. B. Calnan, representing the Hallowell Committee appointed to raise a special fund to provide comforts for the frigate, suggested that Council purchase the washing machines and referred to the need for comforts for the ship's crew.
Township Grant
     At its regular meeting this week the Hallowell Council granted the sum of $350 to the H.M.C.S. Hallowell Fund. Reeve Sherman McQuaid was named by the Council to represent the township at the Picton Day commissioning party in Montreal next week.


H.M.C.S Hallowell Fund donations:
Previously acknowledged     1192.11
Mrs. Cecelia Manlow     1.00
Robt. Simpson Co.     5.00
The Fair     2.00
Mrs. Alex Wright     2.00
Elmbrook W.E.C.     3.00
Geo. J. Tustin, M.P.     10.00
     Donations received at the Gazette office; cheques should be made payable to H.M.C.S. Hallowell Fund, C. Mallory, treasurer.

August 19, 1944

Officer of HMCS Hallowell Awarded the George Medal

     County Representatives in Montreal Today for Commissioning of Frigate
     H.M.C.S Hallowell frigate named in honour of this district, is being commissioned at the Vicker's yards, Montreal, today (Wednesday), represented from the county who will attend includes Warden Earl Onderdonk, Mayor and Mrs. G. N. McKibbon, Councillor C. H. McGibbon, Reeve Sherman McQuaid, A/County Clerk C. G. Rutter, L. B. Calnan, Chairman of the Hallowell Committee and Mrs. Calnan.
     In connection with the Hallowell it is interesting to learn that last week, one of the officers, Lieut. Alfred W. Best, a native of Toronto, was decorated with the George Medal at an investiture held on board the Hallowell. Lt. Best was awarded the decoration for his part in leading a party aboard a burning oil tanker and saving the vessel. Capt. J. E. W. Oland, naval officer in charge at Montreal, made the presentation.
     The response to the Comforts Fund has been magnificent, and many of the comforts have been purchased and placed aboard the frigate.

August 24, 1944


     Mayor and Mrs. G. N. McKibbon, Mr. And Mrs. Lindley Calnan, Warden Earl Onderdonk, Reeve Sherman McQuaid, Dep.­Reeve Harry Campney, Councillor Chas. McGibbon were the local group attending the commissioning party for H.M.C.S. Hallowell at Montreal last week. Mr. And Mrs. Lawrence Pickering and Mr. And Mrs. Harold Collier of Montreal also attended as former Prince Edwarders.
     This party was shown through the frigate by the ship's officers, finding the visit of great interest as related to the designing for comfort, and efficiency of a modern fighting ship. The group was entertained at a buffet lunch in the small "ward room" which is the Officers' Mess.
     While aboard they saw several items purchased from the local fund raised for H.M.C.S Hallowell.

September 27, 1944

Gifts Are Much Appreciated By Crew of HMCS Hallowell

Large Selection of Magazines Sent­C.O. Sends Thanks

     From Lieut. S. Pleasance, Commanding Officer, H.M.C.S. Hallowell, care Fleet Mail Office, Halifax, comes the following letter to The Gazette Editor, on behalf of the Hallowell committee:
     I have received your very welcome letter in which you were so kind as to give us a list of the many good magazines to which you have subscribed for us. The selection is extremely good and on our behalf I wish you would thank the man people who have been so kind to us.
     At the present time, we are not lacking in anything due to the wonderful gifts we have received from our many friends in Hallowell, so again with many thanks and kindest regards to all, I remain, S. Pleasance, Lieut.

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