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Victoria Crosses awarded to Royal Navy personnel

In chronological order of the act for which they were awarded. [Please advise any errors or ommissions to us by e-mail.]

LUCAS, Charles Davis 1854; Aland Islands, Finland
BYTHESEA, John 1854; Aland Islands, Finland
JOHNSTONE, William 1854; Aland Islands, Finland
DANIEL, Edward St. John 1854; Sebastopol, Crimea
PEEL, William 1854; Sebastopol, Crimea
HEWETT, William Nathan Wrighte 1854; Sebastopol, Crimea
GORMAN, James 1854; Battle of Inkerman, Crimea
REEVES, Thomas 1854; Battle of Inkerman, Crimea
SCHOLEFIELD, Mark 1854; Battle of Inkerman, Crimea
SULLIVAN, John 1855; Sebastopol, Crimea
BUCKLEY, Cecil William 1855; Sea of Azov, Crimea
BURGOYNE, Hugh Talbot 1855; Sea of Azov, Crimea
ROBARTS, John 1855; Sea of Azov, Crimea
COOPER, Henry 1855; Taganrog, Crimea
CURTIS, Henry 1855; Sebastopol, Crimea
RABY, Henry James 1855; Sebastopol, Crimea
TAYLOR, John 1855; Sebastopol, Crimea
TREWAVAS, Joseph 1855; Sea of Azov, Crimea
INGOUVILLE, George 1855; Fort of Viborg, Finland
SHEPPARD, John (or SHEPHERD) 1855; Sebastopol, Crimea
KELLAWAY, Joseph 1855; Sea of Azov, Crimea
DAY, George Fiott 1855; Genitichi, Crimea
COMMERELL, John Edmund 1855; Sea of Azov, Crimea
RICKARD, William Thomas 1855; Sea of Azov, Crimea
HALL, William 1857; Lucknow, India
HARRISON, John 1857; Lucknow, India
SALMON, Nowell 1857; Lucknow, India
YOUNG, Thomas James 1857; Lucknow, India
ROBINSON, Edward 1858; Lucknow, India
ODGERS, William 1860; Omata, New Zealand
HINCKLEY, George 1862; Fung Wha, China
MITCHELL, Samuel 1864; Te Papa, New Zealand
BOYES, Duncan Gordon 1864; Shimonoseki, Japan
PRIDE, Thomas 1864; Shimonoseki, Japan
SEELEY, William Henry Harrison 1864; Shimonoseki, Japan
HARDING, Israel 1882; Alexandria, Egypt
WILSON, Arthur Knyvet 1884; Battle of El Teb, Sudan
MAILLARD, William Job 1898; Crete, Greece
GUY, Basil John Douglas 1900; Tientsin, China
RITCHIE, Henry Peel 1914; Dar-es-Salaam, Tanganyika (now Tanzania)
HOLBROOK, Norman Douglas 1914; Dardanelles, Turkey
ROBINSON, Eric Gascoigne 1915; Dardanelles, Turkey
MALLESON, Wilfred St. Aubyn 1915; Gallipoli, Turkey
UNWIN, Edward 1915; Gallipoli, Turkey
WILLIAMS, William Charles 1915; Gallipoli, Turkey
BOYLE, Edward Courtney 1915; Dardanelles, Turkey
NASMITH, Martin Eric 1915; Dardanelles, Turkey
WARNEFORD, Reginald Alexander John 1915; Ghent, Belgium
COOKSON, Edger Christopher 1915; Kut-el-Amara, Mesopotamia
BELL-DAVIES, Richard 1915; Royal Naval Air Service, Bulgaria
FIRMAN, Humphrey Osbaldston Brooke 1916; Kut-el-Amara, Mesopotamia
BINGHAM, The Hon. Edward Barry Stewart 1916; Battle of Jutland, Denmark
CORNWELL, John Travers 1916; Battle of Jutland, Denmark
JONES, Loftus William 1916; Battle of Jutland, Denmark
CAMPBELL, Gordon 1917; Atlantic
PITCHER, Ernest Herbert 1917; Bay of Biscay, Atlantic
CARLESS, John Henry 1917; Battle of Heligoland, Germany
WHITE, Geoffrey Saxton 1918; Dardanelles, Turkey
BRADFORD, George Nicholson 1918; Zeebrugge, Belgium
CARPENTER, Alfred Francis Blakeney 1918; Zeebrugge, Belgium
HARRISON, Arthur Leyland 1918; Zeebrugge, Belgium
McKENZIE, Albert Edward 1918; Zeebrugge, Belgium
SANDFORD, Richard Douglas 1918; Zeebrugge, Belgium
CRUTCHLEY, Victor Alexander Charles 1918; Ostend, Belgium
AGAR, Augustine William Shelton 1919; Kronstadt, Russia
DOBSON, Claude Congreve 1919; Kronstadt, Russia
STEELE, Gordon Charles 1919; Kronstadt, Russia
ROOPE, Gerard Broadmead 1940; West Ford, Norway
WARBURTON-LEE, Bernard Armitage Warburton 1940; Narvik, Norway
MANTLE, Jack Foreman 1940; Portland, England
FEGEN, Edward Stephen Fogarty 1940; Atlantic
SEPHTON, Alfred Edward 1941; Crete, Mediterranean
WANKLYN, Malcolm David 1941; Sicily, Mediterranean
ESMONDE, Eugene 1942; Fleet Air Arm, English Channel
GOULD, Thomas William 1942; Crete, Mediterranean
ROBERTS, Peter Scawen Watkinson 1942; Crete, Mediterranean
MIERS, Anthony Cecil Capel 1942; Corfu Harbour, Greece
BEATTIE, Stephen Halden 1942; St. Nazaire, France
RYDER, Robert Edward Dudley 1942; St. Nazaire, France
SAVAGE, William Alfred 1942; St. Nazaire, France
PETERS, Frederick Thornton 1942; Oran, Algeria
SHERBROOKE, Robert St. Vincent 1942; North Cape, Norway
LINTON, John Wallace 1943; Mediterranean
PLACE, Basil Charles Godfrey 1943; Kaafjord, Norway
MAGENNIS, James Joseph 1945; Johore Straits, Singapore


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