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23 June 2006
The County Weekly News
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Marine artists showing
variety of original works


     Ships Ahoy, three days still remain to visit the 23rd annual exhibition of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists.

     The exhibition, which is being held in the showroom of Renovators on the corner of Bowery and Main Streets, will close Sunday afternoon.

     Individual, family and group visits are welcome, this weekend. Admission is free of charge.

     Included are works in pencil, watercolour, acrylic, and oil. There are nine artist members of the society - Yves Berube, Mark Boden, Pat Burstall, Ken Deeley, John M. Horton, Dusan Kadlec, Donald B. MacMillan, O.K. Schenk and Ray Warren and eight invited artists, Rod Adam, Malcolm Armstrong, Golumba Kim, Tony Lassing, Alan Nakano, Sherry Pringle, Peter Rindlisbacher and John Vandenengel. The artists are exhibiting a total of 55 new, original works.

     The wide variety of subjects selected by the artists for this show include historical vessels from the time of sail, passenger liners and Haida canoes, early steam vessels, naval vessels and personnel, lakers, yachters and harbour scenes.

     For further details, please contact

Betty Ann Anderson, Executive Secretary,
Canadian Society of Marine Artists,
2, Gladstone Ave, Box 125,
Picton, Ontario, K0K2T0, Canada
Telephone: 1 613 476 1177


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