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Book Signing

Note these dates: Friday 28th November 4 - 7pm and Saturday 29th November 10 - 4pm

Nelson's Yankee Captain
The Life of Boston Loyalist Sir Benjamin Hallowell.

     You will have an opportunity to meet one of our distinguished members.

     Bryan Elson, author and historian from Halifax will be here at The Victory to present his new book, sign copies for you and do some selected readings. Bryan is a retired Royal Canadian Navy officer and is the current director of the Canadian Naval Memorial Trust in Halifax.

     This book will appeal not only to history buffs and Nelson fans, but also to all interested in Loyalist history and how members of this staunchly Loyalist family left New England and ultimately came to Upper Canada.

     As a matter of "local interest", our premises, The Victory, are situated on the Hallowell land grant, named after Benjamin Hallowell who was the Commissioner of Customs in Boston largely responsible for provoking the "tea party", and his son is most popularly known as having made Nelson's coffin from remnants of L'ORIENT which blew up alongside the SWIFTSURE which Hallowell commanded at the battle of the Nile. He also slapped Admiral Sir John Jervis on his back during the Battle of Cape St Vincent in a display of totally unbecoming familiarity for a very junior officer - Jervis subsequently wrote very highly of Hallowell.


From the publisher's pre-release:

     Sir Benjamin Hallowell, one of Admiral Horatio Nelson's famous "Band of Brothers," served a lifetime in the navy of Great Britain through the American and French Revolutions between 1775 and 1815. His drama filled life was profoundly shaped by the currents of history, with strong connections with Canada and the United States through his Boston-bred, Loyalist family.

     Bryan Elson's thoroughly researched biography illuminates Hallowell's career and his personal life during these history-shaping events. Through Hallowell's eyes, readers will witness key events in British imperial history during this dramatic period when Britain was able to gain ascendancy over its arch-rival France to "rule the waves."


Nelson's Yankee Captain : The Life of Boston Loyalist Sir Benjamin Hallowell, ISBN13 978-0-88780-751-0 6"x9" black-and-white illustrations 320 Pages $29.95


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