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Canadian Society of Marine Artists Nautical Artist
Picton, Ontario, 20 October 2014

Wesley Lowe elected to the Canadian Society of Marine Artists.

     It is with the greatest pleasure that the Canadian Society of Marine Artists wishes to announce that Mr Wesley Lowe has been elected to Membership of the Society:

     Mr Lowe was born in Toronto, where he spent most of his life. As a young man he attended evening courses at The Toronto College of Art and at Central Tech in Toronto. These were the two schools where he received his basic art training.

     He began his career as a commercial artist in studios located in Toronto and was employed there for many years. Then Wesley's art interests lead to a different path, that of a freelance illustrator. For over thirty years as an illustrator he created art for numerous publishing companies in Canada, the United States and Europe.

     Wesley's greatest passion is for painting marine and historical subjects and he devotes most of his time to these. His medium of choice is oil, used on linen canvas or panels which he prepares.

     A sample of Mr Lowe's work may be seen here.

     The Canadian Society of Marine Artists promotes excellence in marine art, accepting that art is in the eye of the beholder and believing that the broad notion of "fine arts" - including both two and three dimensional works - and "excellence" should be used as guidelines. To maintain excellence, admission to the Society as a full member is by jury of the artists' peers.

     For further details, please contact

Betty Ann Anderson, Executive Secretary,
Canadian Society of Marine Artists,
The Victory, 205 Main Street
Picton, Ontario, K0K2T0, Canada
Telephone: 1 613 476 1177


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