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Special Event
Period Marine Art from the War of 1812 - Great Lakes Theatre

The Canadian Society of Marine Artists is holding a special event for lovers of art and history to be held at The Docks, 35 Bridge Street, Picton May 6th at 2:00 pm. Admission is free.

This special event is an illustrated talk by Peter Rindlisbacher "Period Marine Art from the War of 1812 - Great Lakes Theatre". Peter's own paintings are well known across North America, and have been used to illustrate many books by Malcomson, Graves, AB Smith, O'Brien, etc. on this period, and he is widely accepted as a leading expert in his field.

Kingston 1815    R. Irvine - detail

Peter Rindlisbacher was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1956. Son of a boat builder and a commercial artist, he developed an intense early passion for everything nautical, becoming a racing sailor, model builder and historical naval re-enactor. In the midst of obtaining a Ph.D. in Psychology in the 1980ís, his marine art career developed into its present full time status. His paintings will be part of the 23rd annual exhibiton of the CSMA and so you will be able to enjoy his works.

The 23nd annual juried show of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists begins this May 6th at the Waring House, Picton with a gala buffet dinner. For further information call 476 1177 or visit annual show

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