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History of Yachting
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11 June to 4 August 2011

History of Yachting

The opening of the History of Yachting Exhibition is at 1.00 p.m. on Saturday 11th of June. Canadian Yachting, sponsors of this exhibition, will be represented by Publisher Elizabeth Kerr. The current June 2011 issue of Canadian Yachting has an article about this event.

Explore the the movers and doers of the yacht design field from the late 1890's through the next hundred years. Their work was innovative and at times controversial especially in the yacht racing world.


Canadian, George Herrick Duggan, a yacht designer and bridge engineer who in 1896 amazed the Americans with his yacht Glencairn as he won the coveted Seawanhaka International Cup and continued this winning streak from 1896-1903 when he was sailing his own designs. In 1904 his yacht also took the trophy. His interpretation of the rules design caused a controversy with the Seawanhaka club especially with Dominion.

He was a founder of the Royal St. Lawrence Yacht Club and the Toronto Yacht Club, Commodore the Royal Cape Breton Yacht Club and a member of the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club.

Red Jacket George Cuthbertson

George Cuthbertson, created a remarkable legacy of yacht design and production that still is the pride of Canada. This tremendous accomplishment commenced to attract customers with his noted design of Inishfree launched in 1958 and won the Freeman Cup 1959-63. In 1966 the famous design Red Jacket was built and after launch took 11 of 13 starts. In 1968, she won the SORC. Red Jacket made a name for her owner as well as for her designers and builder. She is still actively campaigned by members the Royal Canadian Yacht Club.

Olin Stephens' design Stormy Weather

Olin James Stephens II had a passion for designing yachts and in early 1930's his design of the 52 foot Dorade followed closely by the 54 foot Stormy Weather made history in the transatlantic and Fastnet races – no longer was it that the very large yachts took home all the silverware.

Working with his brother, Rod Stephens, the form of Sparkman and Stephens became one of the most innovative yacht designers in the twentieth century United States. S&S designs for the Americas Cup dominated from the late nineteen thirties through to eighties. Olin was first to use the towing tank when designing the yacht Stormy Weather with Ken Davidson at the Stevens Institute. The towing tank was used again with the 1937 design of Ranger the defender of the Americas Cup when he collaborated with designer Starling Burgess.


Paintings of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists along with prints and photographs will highlight some of the famous and important sailing yachts which were legendary and innovative at their time.


Other designers including William Fife, Charles Nicholson, Uffa Fox, Nathanael Herreshoff and John Alden will be portrayed.

Displays illustrating the art of yacht design including a towing tank model and instruments for producing the line drawings and interior design will show the background work of developing and building these yachts. There will talks about the art of design by a former member the design team of C&C Yachts and about the influence of the rating rules on the design of yachts by an ocean racer. Slide shows and videos will illustrate multiple aspects of the yachting world.


Schedule of presentations featuring aspects of yachting design at The Victory.

  • 7th July at 7pm (Thursday evening) and repeated on Saturday 9th July at 3pm. - How Rating Rules Influenced Ocean Racing Yacht Hull Forms, 1866-1936 by Paul Adamthwaite - Ocean Racer
  • 14th of July at 7pm (Thursday evening) and repeated on Saturday the 16th at 3pm. -The Art of Design by Henri Adriaanse who was with the design team at C&C and Canada 1.
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