Naval Marine Archive - The Canadian Collection
Formerly the Archives and Collections Society  

We invite everyone to visit, explore and browse through our fine archive and collection of marine books, our art gallery, ship models and displays. We hold very extensive collections on yachting, the mercantile marine, navies, aeronautics, military subjects, the Arctic and First Nations, biographies, and local and Great Lakes history at the Naval Marine Archive The Canadian Collection™.

11th Annual Victory Art Show

busscher_picton_bay Eleventh Annual Victory Art Show. Opening the 3rd of August, this special exhibition features artwork and sculpture by our local County artists. Details...


35th Annual Exhibition of New Marine Art

wilkinson_blue_horizon Romance of the Sea. Art of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists is on display. A truly impressive exhibition of highly talented artists using mediums of watercolour, acrylic, oil and scrimshaw to portray the moods of the sea and activities at sea. Details ...


Sculptural Display

Spirit of the Wild. From the solo sculptural exhibition of Takashi Sakamoto the exquisite Tiger is on display. Show details ...


Books for Sale

Specialized books are available for sale for your enjoyment. Featuring: yachting, navy, modelling, biography, aviation, military, art, novels and Canadiana. New selections added regularly.



library Join in and help us continue to preserve the collections and premise for this exceptional collection and facility. Details...

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The Victory
Our home, The Victory, 205 Main Street, Picton. Take a virtual tour with this slideshow of the interior or visit our Victory gardens.


Books, books and more books ...

Our collections contain about half a million items including nearly 60,000 books most of which can be found in our public catalogue which "came on-line" in January 2013. Full details ...

While most of our books are in the reference library, we do have many duplicates that we make available for sale. These include some fairly rare titles such as a 1st edition of F.W. Wallace's Record of Canadian Shipping, 1786 - 1920 and several volumes in the Anatomy of the Ship series, down to very affordable, fun reading – such as Hornblower's adventures – at less than a dollar each. Please browse our used books.

Thank you for your continuing support. Any financial donations will receive a charitable donation receipt for taxation purposes. Please join us in celebrating and preserving our history, and support us with any help you are able to give.


Revised: 28 July 2018