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Our online library catalogue is available here. Given the complexities of indexing, the following extracts from our database are only very partial. Please also see separately the books, magazines, etc that are for exchange or sale as duplicates or surplus to our requirements. Enquiries about our holdings are welcome.

Occasional Papers:

In late 2014, the Naval Marine ArchiveThe Canadian Collection decided to start a series of "occasional papers" destined to include research, articles and other subjects published by the Archive.


[The archive currently holds over seventy-five thousand books; more than half of the titles concern various broad aspects of maritime history and conservation, marine research and nautical education; there are a further fourteen thousand on associated aviation and military matters; the others cover associated subjects including biography, engineering, economics and politics, the Great Lakes and the Arctic, etc.]

The Ben Ackerman collection and a short biography. [Arctic, diving]

The Richard William Becker collection covering the design, building and sea trials of HMCS Bras d'Or and a a short biography. Details of the collection can be found here.

The Peter Edwards collection covering vexilloloy, flags, burgees and yacht club history and a a short biography.

The John M. Gray collection - mostly concerning the Rebellion of 1837 and the judiciary involved in deporting some participants to Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) and their wives efforts to repatriate them. This collection includes many rare first editions and manuscripts.

The Doctor Herbert Lee Gray collection - late C19th, early C20th pholisophy and comparative religion. Unpublished manuscripts including some of his travels to China and Cuba, and his sermons.

The John Harland Collection is extensive in its coverage of seamanship, whaling vessels and corvettes, while also including many volumes on military matters and model making. It contains some three thousand book and journal titles (many of them early first editions), as well as many hundreds of ship plans and drawings. A short biography can be found here.

The Joseph Lucas Collection and a short biography. [marine biology]

The Gary Mauthe collection - mostly manuscript documents, relating to 19th century (some early 20th) shipping on the Great Lakes. Primary areas of interest are Customs House documentation, insurance and legal matters, shipping losses and the relationship of shipping with rail terminals in Great Lakes ports.

The W. M. "Sandy" McPherson collection and a short biography. [sailing, Canadiana]

The HMS Victory and Nelson collection, which contains a major contribution by the late G.E. Waring.

The Ross Richardson aeronautical collection - marine, naval, military and civilian aviation, including history, design, operations, etc., and a short biography. The cataloguing is complete and the collection is available to visitors, as part of our second floor expansion.

The Tom Tumilty Collection - books and material on Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes, together with files of research notes, and a short biography. Many of the books in question can be found here. Mr Tumilty's extensive database can be consulted on our premisess and we intend to make it available on-line.

The Stormy Weather Collection: This collection is the Society's largest. A history of the famous ocean racing yawl can be found here. Categories include:

1812, archeology, arctic, art, astronomy, biography, biography auto, biography junior, biology marine, calender, canadiana, canoes, cartography, cassette, catalogue, charts, communications, cookbooks, design, design models, design rigging, design steam, discovery, discovery history, discovery trade, diving, ecology, economics, ethnology, exploration, fiction, fiction and verse, fiction junior, fisheries, great lakes, guide, history, history WWI, history WWII, hudson, humour, law, lifeboats, lighthouse, local, merchant, merchant sail, merchant steam, meteorology, military, model, navigation, navy, navy ACW, navy art, navy RCN, navy RN, navy US, nelson, non-maritime, oceanography, piracy, reference, seafarers collection, seamanship, shanties, shipwreck, verse, whaling, yacht, yacht biography, yacht club, yacht cruising, yacht design, yacht racing.
The following extracts represent some subjects / authors taken from our master database, but should not be considered complete in any manner.

More references to naval matters may be found in:

Magazines, journals, etc

Wooden Boat - complete collection
The Ladies' Collection
The Stephen R. de Chene Collection and a short biography.
Nautical Quarterly - complete collection
General and Stormy Weather collection:
American Neptune - Our collection is complete complete, with the exception of two special supplements.
Argonauta - complete collection
The Beaver - extensive collection
Boatman magazine - complete collection
Canadian Geographical Journal - extensive collection
Canadian Historical Review - the Rebellion of 1837-38
Chasse-Marée - complete collection - including new publications, reprints and artwork
Classic Boat - complete to 9/99
County Magazine - complete, missing No. 6 only
Fisherman Life - complete collection
Great Lakes Fisherman - a complete set
Mariner's Mirror - complete collection
Mariner Life - complete collection
Maritime Life and Traditions - complete collection
Motor Boating and Sailing formerly Motor Boating - partial collection
The Naval Chronicle (1799-1819) - complete set of first editions
Naval History - near complete collection
Naval Institute Proceedings - USNI, extensive from 1935
Newcomen Society of North America - papers and addresses
The Northern Mariner - complete collection
Oceans Magazine - complete collection
Ontario History - Papers and Records - Ontario Historical Society, a complete set
The Royal Cruising Club Journal - nearly complete collection
The Rudder - very extensive collection
Sea Breezes Magazine - near complete collection
Sea Chest - complete collection
Sea Classics - complete collection
Sea Frontiers - near complete collection
Seahorse - the official magazine of the Royal Ocean Racing Club
Seaport - the magazine of South Street Seaport
Small Boat Journal - complete collection
Transactions of S.N.A.M.E. - complete 1893-1986
Yachting - very extensive collection
[The Society holds some 250,000 journals [more complete list], magazines, periodicals etc. Others, not listed above include Boat Building, Boat International, Canadian Tall Ships, Classic Yacht Regatta (Antigua, Pamphlets), Der Yacht, Harpers, Latitudes and Attitudes, Life Boat, Lifeboat, Light House, Maritime Policy and Management, Model Boats, Model Engineer, Motor Boating (and Sailing), Naval Architect, Neptune, Neptune-nautisme, Ocean Navigator, Ocean Voyager, Polar Record, Porthole, Practical Sailor, Professional Mariner, Professional Navigator, Seafarers, Ship and Boat International, Ships And Ship Models, Ships in Scale, Ships Monthly, Sports Afield, Tallships, The Yacht, Voiles et Voiliers, Warship Technology, Yachting Monthly, Yachts And Yachting]

Charts, etc

Over 1,500 marine charts, guides and various maps. Our "Summer Student 2002" project is to catalogue these resources.


HMS Victory, the Cutty Sark, HMCS Demorestville - RCN Flower Class, Bluenose, Bluenose II, Helen M. McAllister, Foundation Franklin, U-boat, ships in bottles, many half models, etc

Paintings, watercolours, engravings, etc

Please note that this Society took over the Canadan Society of Marine Artists in February 2003.
J.M.W. Turner, Jean-Jérôme Baugean, Frank Braynard, John Spurling, Nicholas Hornyansky, Tom Manning, F. Leo Hunter, Yves Berubé, David MacIntosh, John Crittenden, Henri Rivière, Robert James Pailthorpe, R.D. Wilson, P. Sigal, Currier and Ives, etc. Please enquire
Our collection of art references and catalogues is extensive.

Photographs, etc

The Raymond McIntosh Collection, Palisander Collection, Stormy Weather Collection, General Collection, various

Ship's Plans, yacht designs and drawings, etc

Many designers, naval architects and research units are represented here (Underhill, Sparkman & Stephens, Alan Pape, P. Bolger, etc. etc. A partial listing is avaialble.


De-accessioned, surplus and items that may be released for exchange or sale.


Pages are continually being added and updated. We regret the delay if a Collection is not "clickable" and suggest that a detailed search can be made in our online public access catalogue.


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