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The American Neptune is a quarterly Journal of maritime history and arts published by the Peabody Essex Museum. Since 1941, when Samuel Eliot Morison and Walter Muir Whitehill were among its founders, The American Neptune has been one of America's premier maritime journal. The journal's articles, written with clarity and scholarly substance, are of interest to all who enjoy accounts of ships, the seas, and those who've sailed them - for mercantile gain, defending their nation's interest, or the love of voyaging and exploration. They cover a wide range of subject matter (objects, people, events), geographical areas (international as well as American) and eras (millenia ago through today) and are for scholars, professionals and enthusiasts.

The journal was issued as a quarterly (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) until the Winter issue of 2002 (Vol. 62.)

Our collection is complete.

Collection: Stormy Weather

Availability: as above

Indexing: by NMA, started, incomplete, is available here. Fifty-year index available in our library.

Published by the Peabody Essex Museum,
Salem, Massachusetts.
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Revised: 31 March 2012