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Our "Chasse-Marée" collection


The "Chasse-Marée" is normally considered as the leading French language, authoritative reference on maritime ethnology and history. We are proud of our long-standing association with this publication.

The "Chasse-Marée" is also a publisher of other marine artwork, documents, research, new books and reprints. Our collection of these works is complete with the exception of three out-of-print issues.

The "Chasse-Marée" celebrated twenty years of publication in July 2002

Left: the cover of issue No. 55; the classic Sparkman and Stephens yawl Stormy Weather (1933.)

Collection: Chasse-Marée

Availability: all boxed, single - no volumes

Indexing: by Chasse-Marée and ACS, not yet complete

We do have some duplicates, including a few early ones for exchange. Please contact us for donations or exchanges.

Abri du Marin
29100 - Douarnenez
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Revised: 31 March 2005