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Flying, was first published in February 1912 by the Flying Association, 297, Madison Ave., New York City as the "Official Organ of the Aero Club of America", measuring 30 cm. by 22 cm. and illustrated in black and white, including extensive advertizing. Its volumes ran from February each year to the January issue of the following year. It was absorbed by the weekly magazine "Aerial Age" in 1922.

The February 1915 issue, p. 387, shows the publisher's banner and index for the month.

Our collection is complete from February 1912 to January 1922, mostly as bound volumes which unfortunately had the front covers removed during the binding process. We may have some extra copies from this same time period for exchange.

Collection: Ross Richardson

Availability: as above

Indexing: by NMA, started, incomplete

Flying Association
297, Madison Ave.
New York City



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