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F. Leo Hunter

F. Leo Hunter - biographical notes

Old wharf, Halifax, NS, 1888

This engraving, 14 x 20 inches, was donated by David Roach, of Pier Books, New York.



F. Leo Hunter (b 1862 - d 1943)

The following represents the limited information that we have assmbled so far on this artist. His date of birth is occasionally given as 1858; we have relied upon information from the New York Historical Society for the date of 1862.

Exhibited at the New York Etching Club, 1888. Although Hunter was noted for his New York City images, he is reported, like most of the landscape artists of the period, to have traveled each summer (and obviously in winter too) searching for new subject matter in "exotic" locales in Canada and Europe.

He is perhaps better known for his etchings, many of which have docks, qauys and waterfront subjects with sailing vessels very prominently depicted. However, he produced a somewhat extensive repertoire of oild paintings, including ships portraits - some historical - and pastural scenes.

Cape Breton, 1888

Engraving, 11 x 17 inches.


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