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Naval Institute Proceedings [ISSN 0041-798X] is published monthly by the US Naval Institute. Our collection is nearly complete from the end of World War II (Volume 70) to Volume 135 (2005), with a further one hundred or so issues from World War One to Two.

Headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland, the Naval Institute is an entirely private, not-for-profit organization, founded in 1873. According to the Naval Institute, Proceedings is a forum for spirited debate on issues affecting today's armed services. It is "must" reading for the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

The cover of the July 1970 (volume 96, Number 7/809) issue features the famed statue of "The fisherman at the Wheel", overlooking the harbour at Gloucester, Mass - the work of sculptor Leonard Craske, this statue commerorates the 107th Psalm: "They that go down to the sea in ships..." [Photo by Gerard A. Valerio]

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Availability: folders, boxed, single

Indexing: by ACS, partial, available here; we also hold the USNIP's own "Cumulative Index 1874-1977".

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The Society wishes to thank members Jean and Roger Cole, without whose foresight and assistance this collection would not exist. We also wish to thank Commander Gery Sang, USN (Ret'd) whose generous donation has completed the collection from February 1969 to 2006; and has permitted the presentation of the collection in USNI slipcases - blue with gilt lettering. Commander Sang has also most graciously donated near-complete collections of "Naval History", also published by the USNI, and Sea Classics.

The Society also wishes to thank Dr. Bill Day and Elizabeth Mindlin for their most generous donation of their late father's collection of the Proceedings.

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We are actively endeavouring to complete this collection, and have many duplicates for exchange or possible sale. Please contact us for donations or exchanges.


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