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Oceans Magazine


Oceans [latterly ISSN 0029-8174] was published five, then six times a year, originally by Trident Publishers, Inc, of San Diego, later by the Oceanic Society, finally by Oceans Magazine Limited Partnership for the Oceanic Society. Our collection is complete [1] from Volume 1, Number 1 (January 1969) to Volume 21, Number 6 (November 1988) which we believe was the last issue.

"To effect a better world, it is our responsibility to educate ourselves in all facets of living, to be creative in philosophy, exploring, enterprise and leisure. On these premises, I launch Oceans Magazine." - Jack C. Reynolds, Publisher, editorial of Volume 1, Number 1

The cover of the January 1969 (Vol. 1, Num. 1) issue, features a photograph by Ron Church of Photography Unlimited

Collection: General

Credits: this Society wishes to recognize the assistance of Dr. Edythe M. Humphries in completing this collection.

Availability: boxed, single

Indexing: by NMA, partial available here.

[1] [Back] We have duplicates for exchange or possible sale, mostly between 1974 and 1983. Please contact us for donations or exchanges.


Last known (1988) publishers's address
Oceans Magazine Limited Partnership
2001, W Main St.,
Stamford, CT, 06902 Tel: 203-359-8626
E-mail: [unknown]
Web site: of the Oceanic Society


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