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Ontario Sailor [ISSN 1488-4526 / 1494-3115] is published seven times a year by Windward Communications. Our collection is nearly complete from Volume 1, Number 1 (July 1999) (the first few issues were under the name "Lake Ontario Sailor".)

Covers many aspects of racing and cruising, with a special interest in the Canadian shores of Lake Ontario. The editorial focus of Ontario Sailor Magazine is sailing, and both racing and cruising are covered extensively in the Great Lakes region in both Canada and the USA. Both dinghy sailing and large, fixed-keel sailboats are regularly featured in the magazine.

The cover of the September 1999 Issue features Commodore Harry Smith - a long time friend and benefactor of this Society, with his Nonesuch hull #1, in front of his Prince Edward Cruising Club in Picton Bay.

Collection: General

Availability: all boxed, single - no bound volumes

Indexing: by NMA, started (details here), not yet complete

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