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The Sea Chest [ISSN 1582-3471] is published quarterly by the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society. Our collection is complete from Volume 1, Number 1 (September 1967) to the present day

"From the Quarterdeck" is the editorial; from the first issue, "The Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society came into being nineteen years ago ... in the past a monthly news letter was published ... we have now progressed to the point where we can broaden our scope in the matter of publications..."

The September 1967 Issue (cover illustrated) features articles on the SS OLYMPIAN, the Candian Pacific Tri-City route, a voyage on the GLORY OF THE SEAS and the RELIANCE comes to Puget Sound, 1900.

Collection: General

Availability: all boxed, single

Indexing: by ACS, partial; being added to that of the Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society

Details: The Sea Chest
Puget Sound Maritime Historical Society
PO Box 9731,
Seattle, WA, 98109
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