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Specific to books and prints:

The starting point for books in our collections is our Online Public Access Catalogue, which uses MARC (MAchine Readable Catalog) technology that is the international standard for bibliographical records in use worldwide for many years.

You can also look for:

Prince Edward County - local interest:

Mariners' Service:

Mariners' Service, Prince Edward County; a brief history
A wave is born

Ships and shipping lines:

Early shipping in Prince Edward County
First steam ships on the Great Lakes - some brief notes
"First Steamer on the Great Lakes" - Richard F. Palmer (with permission), Inland Seas, Spring 1988
Glenora Ferries
Marine losses on the Great Lakes 1854
Sailing barge KINGHORN
Schooner Dan Williams, Alexander, Mary Gormally
Schooner C. Gearing
Shipping lines - based or trading in Quinte
The "Prince Edward" by Murney
The SUCCESS - convict ship

Yachts and yachting:

Allan Nye Scott
Atalanta, Mischief: America's Cup 1881
George Herrick Duggan
Harmsworth programme 1961
Leda the yacht Leda
Magedoma - Cangarda - ready to restore
Philip R. Marett - yacht designer, 1820-1857, notes
Red Jacket - a design by George Cuthbertson, 1966
Roderick Stephens, 1909-1995
Stormy Weather - a history of her early days, with drawings and some photographs of her later career.


Benjamin Hallowell - township
Benjamin Hallowell in Massachusetts
Vice-Adm. Sir Benjamin HALLOWELL Page 2
Benjamin Hallowell - obituary notice
HMCS Hallowell - River class frigate
HMCS Hallowell - Poster
HMCS Hallowell Comfort Packages Page 2 Page 3

Other - including 1812:

Barley Days
Early settlers to Prince Edward County
Gold Cup - 1976
Gunboats of the War of 1812
Hay Bay Tragedy
Journal of Captain Walter Butler - on a Voyage along the North Shore of Lake Ontario, from the 8th to the 16th of March, 1779.
Moses Dulmage
Power Boat Racing - Gold Cup and Harmsworth
Prince Edward County - Origins of name
Point Petre, Prince Edward County - Origins of name
RCN Centennial, interviews - NMA summer students interview veterans; The County Magazine, Fall 2010, with permission.
Rush-Bagot Agreement - April 28, 1818
Schooner NANCY from the letters of John Richardson [requires Acrobat Reader]
Schooner NANCY an episode of the War of 1812 [requires Acrobat Reader]
Scotch Bonnet Lighthouse
Treaty of Ghent - the end of the War of 1812
William Johnson - pirate of the St. Lawrence


Index to environmental papers

Bibliography, various:

Alan Villiers - bibliography
The War of the Rebellion (Navies) (American Civil War)
The War of the Rebellion (Armies) (American Civil War)
Amorosa - 1761
Anderson, Roger Charles - bibliography
Ballantine Illustrated History of the Second World War II
James Barnes (1866-1936) - bibliography
Bernoulli, Daniel
Bibliographic terminology
Sir John George Bourinot
Howard Irving Chapelle
Cristobal de las Casas 1583 dictionary
Richard Henry Dana - Two years before the mast
Epistolae Marcilii Ficini Florentini
Forester, C. S. - notes and bibliography
Historic Kingston - index - the journal of the Kingston Historical Society.
Sir Peter Johnson - biography, bibliography
Lossing, Benson John - notes and bibliography
Kemp, Dixon
Joseph Kennedy, ship name index from When Singapore fell : evacuations and escapes, 1941-42.
Alfred Basil Lubbock - bibliography
Alfred Basil Lubbock - biography
Navy Records Society List
Nelson and the Napoleonic Wars - Fiction
Nelson, Admiral Horatio - Reference
Norie, John William
Origen de los Indios
Pease, Howard - bibliography
Dudley Pope - with an itroduction by Christpher McKee to "The Black Ship"
Real Seminario de Mineria - 1808 manuscript
Rosendahl, Charles Emery - ballons and dirigables
Seafarer collection by Time-Life, various authors.
Joshua Slocum - Sailing alone around the world.
Snider, C.H.J. - bibliography
The Time-Life World War II Series - 39 vols., bibliography
The Time-Life "What Life was like" Series - 18 vols., bibliography


A plea for archival support
Blue book of American shipping
Battle of Trafalgar - propaganda
Bells and Watches
Bentinck boom
Book Search [commercial/used]
Bull boats
Canoes, Canadian aboriginal - F.W. Waugh, Canadian Field-Naturalist, vol. XXXIII, no.2, May 1919.
Capstan, cabestan, barbotin
City of Madras
Convoy TM-1
Copper sheathing
Cruikshank illustration for Smollett - Roderick Random
Cruiser Characteristics, Roles and Missions - Historical Review
Dictionary of Sea Terms Darcy Lever
Drake's Lost Harbor
England expects that every man will do his duty
Evolution of Signal Flags - contains further pages on various signal codes: single letter, Marryat and international, as well as illustrations.
Famine, Bengal
Films of the Sea
Fishing Ports and Port Registration Letters
The Fitment and Decoration of Ships from the "Great Eastern" to the "Queen Mary."
Guillotine - Ship launching
Holms, A Campbell; Practical shipbuilding; 1916, pdf file spar making, rivetting; also see catalogue entry
Hudson River Ghost Fleet
Hullmaster 31
Le Havre - French port (history, etc)
Lieutenant - how to pronounce
Malta - maps
Marine propulsion - rotating nozzle Eaton's U.S. Patent No. 21,825 (19 October 1858)
Mast partners
Nautical time and civil date
"Navy Cut" cigarettes and HERO
The North American Fisheries - as described in 1854
Polar Route - North West passage - Pedersen / Flight
Princess Royal - blockade runner
Rainbow Warrior
Ropner Shipping Company - fleet list
Roundhouse and "Kidnapped"
Royal Naval Asylum - move from Paddington to Greenwich; from the Naval Chronicle, XVIII
Royal Navy: Articles of War, 1757
Russell, John Scott: John Scott Russell; early wave theory
Salt in Marine Boilers - from Henry Evers, LL.D., Steam and the Steam Engine, 1873.
"Schooner Days" no. 9; C.H.J. Snider, 1931.
Semple William Semple - Scottish painter
Serapis and Bonhomme Richard
Sea shanties
Shanty Bibliography
Ship names - editorial guidelines.
Smith and Rhuland, Lunenburg, NS
SOS, CQD and other emergency signals
Squilgee, squillgee, squillagee, squeegee
Tall Ships - what are they?
Tidal study, Somme Estuary, 24 August 1346 - Battle of Crécy
Titanic in white
The Topaz and HMS Diana 1807 - the High Court condemnation, 1811 (pdf file)
Toronto Harbour, H. Scadding
Treaty of Friendship, Limits, and Navigation - Spain / US 1795
Victoria Crosses
Watches and bells
Whaling, aboriginal exemptions, from Chasse-Marée
W.H. Cockerline Fleet

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