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Barley Days

An examination of of some historical aspects of the period 1860-1890 in Prince Edward County[*]

  • Page 1 - Introduction and Reasons for the Barley Days
  • Page 2 - Historical Aspects 1860-1890
  • Page 3 - Shipping and Shipbuilding in Prince Edward County
  • Page 4 - John Tait's Schooners and A.W. Hepburn
  • Page 5 - McKinley Tariff and the end of the Barley Days
  • Page 6 - Architecture of the Barley Days


* [back] - This project was developed by Isabel Slone (one of the Society's 2007 "summer students") and was in part funded with a grant from Young Canada Works, in part with a grant from the Municipality of the County of Prince Edward, and in part with this Society's research funds.

We are most grateful for the support and sponsorship of the Barley Days Brewery, located close to the Waring House and Barley Room Pub.

Revised: 31 March 2012