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General Archive Policy

"Archive - a place where public records or historic documents are kept. Historical record or document so preserved."
"Collection - a group of things collected or gathered together, e.g. of literary materials, works of art etc."

The overall policy, defined at the time of our founding under the name of “The Archives and Collections Society” (see our name change in the Canada Gazette) in 1999 and still valid, with very minor changes, today is:

With general reference to maritime, nautical, marine and aeronautical subjects, over the time period to the present time and geographic region covering generally, but not exclusively, North America, the North Atlantic and Europe:

(a) establish a library and academic resource centre with activities carried out on a charitable basis;
(b) to preserve collections of material pertaining to these matters;
(c) to promote a broader understanding of certain aspects of local, regional and world history;
(d) to facilitate academic research;
(e) to educate in the area of history with specific reference these matters; and
(f) to assist other organizations in preserving resources and making such resources available on a broader basis.

While our vision, values and mission (available here) represent our general policy, some guidelines, which certainly do not limit the scope of the Naval Marine ArchiveThe Canadian Collection in the preservation of historical documents and related artifacts, include:


In 2003, the Naval Marine ArchiveThe Canadian Collection became the home of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists and each organization enhances the other.



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