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We are growing. The Archives and Collections Society is expanding, and has been for many years. Our collections, research facility and historic premises in The Victory have been evolving and developing into a significant facility, not only for Picton and Prince Edward County, but also for Ontario and Canada. Our collections and archive are globally significant, one of the outstanding naval/marine research centers in Canada.

To reflect our growth, strategic significance and future plans, the Archives and Collections Society has been undergoing a branding review with the help of one of North America's top branding, marketing and research specialists, Lord Robbie Sprules, MA, OHG, KGCStG. Our Board of Directors has approved a strategic plan to move forward with a new name and brand to better reflect our current reality. Lord Sprules has donated his time and expertise, research program, design and marketing support at no cost to the Society.

Starting 1 January 2012, we will be known as the Naval Marine Archive, The Canadian Collection™. We are proud of our new name and our significant growth. Over the past years, the support of our Board, community, business colleagues and friends has allowed us to develop into one of the world's finest archive and collections of artifacts, journals, books, paintings and memorabilia. You will be seeing some changes, to our brand and to our building, over the coming months and years. We continue to be the home of the Canadian Society of Marine Artists, and will exhibit their incredible paintings in The Victory on a regular basis.

We invite everyone to drop in, say hello, and browse through this fine archive and collection. The Naval Marine Archive, The Canadian Collection™ continues to expand and grow with the receipt of many private collections. Although our archive and collections hold a significant number of naval/marine artifacts and books including our extensive yachting collection, we also have received air and land archival collections. Our collection is second to none, a true Canadian treasure. We are proud of our achievements, and with the continuing support of our community and the Canadian public, we hope to stand with the world's top collection institutes and research facilities. Thank you for your continuing support. Any financial donations will receive a charitable donation receipt for taxation purposes. Please join us in celebrating this significant moment in our history, and support us with any help you are able to give.



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