Notes and bibliography: Hardy, A. C. (Alfred Cecil), 1898-

A C Hardy

Commander A.C. Hardy, R.N.

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Commander Alfred Cecil Hardy R.N. was a prolific writer. He trained as a naval architect at Palmers Shipbuilding and Iron Comapny, Jarrow-on-Tyne. He was involved in shipbuilding and conversion in Great Britain and the United States. At one time he lectured on shipping at the City of London College. Prior to 1939 he was a senior partner at Hardy, Tobin and Company. During World War II he served in the Royal Corps of Naval Constructors, involved in converting cargo ships into assault carriers, was secreetary to the Admiralty's Shipping Security Co-ordination Committee and acted as personal technical assistant to the Chief fo Combined Operations at the First Quebec Conference. Later he went to Berlin as the senior British technical member of the Tripartite Naval Commission. By the 1950s, he had returned to his own firm of consulting naval architects, serving as Chairman of Hardy, Tobin and Company Ltd. He was member of the Institute of Naval Architects.

His publications were numerous, and include the following, in chronological order:

Title1st ed.
Merchant ship types; a survey of the various units engaged in the water transport of people and merchandise 1924
Motor ships 1925
Motorships; an investigation into the characteristics of mercantile vessels propelled by internal combustion engines. 1925
Bulk cargoes 1926
Bulk cargoes; a treatise on their carriage by sea and consequent effect on the design and construction of merchant ships 1926
From slip to sea; a chronological account of the construction of merchant ships from the laying of the keel plate to the trial trip 1926
American ship types; a review of the work, characteristics, and construction of ship types peculiar to the waters of the North American continent 1927
Seaways and sea trade : being a maritime geography of routes, ports, canals and cargoes 1927
The motorship in relation to world trade routes 1927
Motorshipping; a study of the Diesel-engined ship in relation to present-day shipping, showing something of the newest era in sea transport 1928
Seaways and sea trade; being a maritime geography of routes, ports, rivers, canals and cargoes (rev. ed.)1928
Oil ships and sea transport; a story of oil in relation to its effect on sea transportation 1931
British ships and shipping illustrated 1933
Motorshipping in 1932 : a year's development in retrospect 1933
British warships illustrated 1935
Ships at work 1939
Warships at work; a naval notebook explaining in text and by profile some functions of the principal warship types of the world 1940
The merchant navy at war 1941
World shipping; a note book on seaways and sea trade and a maritime geography of routes, ports, rivers, canals and cargoes 1941
Achievement in British shipbuilding. 1942
American sea power 1942
You and your ships : a guide to Merchant Navy power 1942
Sea transport : a wartime review of peacetime merchant navy power 1943
Sky-ships; the story of sky ways and sky trade, past, present and future 1943
World shipping; trade routes, ship types, cargoes, ports, coasts, canals. 1943
Wreck-S.O.S.; a story of how ships are wrecked, how they are repaired and what exists to save them 1944
Modern British motor trawlers 1946
Seafood ships. 1947
The Wonderful story of the sea 1947
Everyman's history of the sea war, Vol. 1 (sept. 1939 - dec. 41)1948
Modern marine engineering; a practical work of ship powering and marine propulsion ... 1948
The book of the ship : an exhaustive pictorial and factual survey of world ships, shipping, and shipbuilding 1948
Everyman's history of the sea war, Vol. 2 (dec. 1941 - sept. 43)1949
Everyman's history of the sea war, Vol. 3 (sept. 1943 - to end)1955
History of motorshipping; the story of fifty years of progress which have had a profound influence upon the development of sea transport during the twentieth century. 1955
Shipbuilding : background to a great industry 1964




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