Daniel Bernoulli, (29 January 1700 - 17 March 1782)


Bernoulli, Hydrodynamica...


Swiss author of "Hydrodynamica, Sive De Viribus et Motibus Fluidorum Commentarii" Strasburg, J.R. Dulsecker, 1738, in which Bernoulli's Principle is first described. His chief work is Mécanique Analytique which resembles Lagrange's Mécanique Analytique in that all results are consequences of a single principle – the conservation of energy. This was followed by a memoir on the theory of the tides, and a memoir, jointly with Euler and Maclaurin; these three works contain all that was done on this subject between the publication of Isaac Newton's Principia Mathematica and the later work by Pierre-Simon Laplace.

Bernoulli's Principle (right) is a theory that holds true to this day in hydrodynamics and aerodynamics – the "lift" of sails and aeroplane wings, pitot tubes, hydroelectric dams and fire hoses are prime examples, and with additional derivations can be applied to supersonic flight.


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Bernoulli equation

Bernoulli's Principle, where P is pressure, ρ is the density of the fluid and u is its velocity.


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