Howard Irving Chapelle (1901-1975)

Howard Irving Chapelle

Howard Irving Chapelle (Harland fonds.)

Howard Irving Chapelle (1 Feb. 1901 – 30 June 1975) was an American naval architect, curator of maritime history at the National Museum of American History, which became part of the Smithsonian Institution (Kenneth E. Behring Cente) and reasonably prolific author of books and articles on maritime history, and boat, yacht and ship design. We hold the following titles, all first editions, and many various reprints, which may or may not differ slightly. This list does not include other articles that appeared in various serials.


Co-authored with Edwin Tappan Adney:

Co-authored with Leon D. Polland:

Contributor to:

Many of his later papers are archived at the Smithsonian Institution Archives under reference SIA RU007228

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