Cecil Scott Forester (1899-1966)

c.s. forester

Cecil Scott Forester

Cecil Louis Troughton Smith (Cairo, 27 August 1899 – Fullerton, California, 2 April 1966) was an English novelist who used the nom de plume of Cecil Scott Forester (C.S. Forester.) He moved to the USA during World War II, writing "propaganda" to encourage Americans in the war effort.

The Hornblower books by C.S. Forester

For the bibliography, please see fiction based around the history of Nelson and the Napoleonic Wars.

Other maritime titles by C.S. Forester

  • 1929, Nelson, John Lane.
  • 1929, The Voyage of the Annie Marble, John Lane.
  • 1930, The Annie Marble in Germany, John Lane.
  • 1935, The African Queen, Heinemann.
  • 1941, The Captain from Connecticut, Michael Joseph.
  • 1943, The Ship, Michael Joseph.
  • 1955, The Good Shepherd, Michael Joseph.
  • 1956, The Barbary Pirates, Macdonald.
  • 1957, The Naval War of 1812, Michael Joseph. Published in the USA as The Age of Fighting Sail.
  • 1959, Hunting the Bismarck, Michael Joseph. Published in the USA as The Last Nine Days of the Bismark.
  • 1969, The Man in the Yellow Raft, Michael Joseph.

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