Sailing alone around the world

Joshua Slocum, 1844-1909


The Century Company edition.

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Sailing alone around the world, illustrated by Thomas Fogarty and George Varian, was puiblished in the Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, from September 1899 to March 1900 (vols. 58-59.)

Sailing alone around the world, illustrated by Thomas Fogarty and George Varian, xvi, 294 p., was published in book form 24 March 1900 by The Century Company, New York (see image at right.) This company and its successors sold 27,760 copies in 17 printings up to 1948, plus the 16,200 copies of the "popular" edition by Blue Ribbon books (our copy green cloth) which are most probably from the original plates.

Rights reverted to the estate of Joshua Slocum in 1951, subsequently assigned to Sheridan House. Dover, Rutgers and Collier all published variations, introductions, etc...

This is Slocum‘s account of his single-handed circumnavigation in the Spray, a 36‘ 9“ Chesapeake oyster sloop which he rebuilt from a delapidated condition, leaving Boston 24 April 1895, returning to Newport 27 June 1898 after approximately 46,000 miles. This work was well received and is considered a classic today.

His voyage was remarkable in being not only the first singlehanded circumnavigation, but also because the Spray was not particularly well suited; Howard Chapelle stated that the vessel was dangerous off-shore (leading to Slocum‘s later loss) despite numerous replicas having been built for shorter ventures.



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