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Title Author Publisher ISBN 1st_Pub
An Emergency Plan for Diving Accident Victims in Prince Edward County Ackerman, Ben      
Ben's Navy Diving Log (Naden) at Colwood Ackerman, Ben     1958
letters about the Maritime Museum (2) Ackerman, Ben     1990-1994
letters re: the Marine Museum (9) Ackerman, Ben     1990-1996
Video Great Lakes Mariners Ernest Creasey and Ray Osterander Ackerman, Ben      
Mrs Chippy's last expedition Alexander, Caroline, Harper Collins 0-06-017546-x 1997
Hudson's Bay Ballantyne, Robert Michael Phillips, Sampson and Co   1859
Surveillance of the 200 mile limit Present and future Bartlett, Samuel W.      
Arctic Passages Bockstoce, John Hearst Maritime 90-47768 1991
Cook and Peary Bryce, Robert M. Stackpole Books 0-8177-0317-7 1997
The Canadian Navy List DND The Queen's Printer   1959
Automated Self-contained Navigation and Positioning system for Geophysical and Oceangraphic Exploration Evans & Halamandaris, S. & H. Evans of Delta Exploraton Inc; Halamandaris of SatellitePositioning Corporation   1971
Arctic Adventure Freuchen, Peter Halcyon House   1935
Ice Floes and Flaming water Freuchen, Peter Julian Messner, Inc   1954
Magnetic North Halsey, David Douglas and McIntyre 0-88894-700-3 1990
Over Reliance on Nautical Charts Haslam U.B.E., Rear Admiral D. The Journal of Nagivation   1976
ACV Icebreaking bow development Program, The Hearnshaw, J. D.     1977
Polar Continental shelf Project, titles and abstracts of scientific Projects supported by PCSP Hobson & Voyce, G.D. & V. Energy, Mines and Resources Canada   1974
Pathfinders of the North Jones and Lonn, Lawrence F and George Pitt Publishing Co Ltd   1970
Arctic LookOut, The (issue No. 34) Kennedy, Ludivic E.W. Cupit (Printing) Ltd. 0960-0299 1999
Arctic LookOut, The (issue No. 35) Kennedy, Ludivic E.W. Cupit (Printing) Ltd. 0960-0299 1999
N by E Kent, Rockwell NY Literary Guild   1930
Letter to the marine Museum Lamont, Archie      
Canada's War at sea Leacock, Stephen Alvah M. Beatty   1944
Archaeological discoveries, Payne Bay Region Ungava Lee, Thomas E. Centre of Northern Studies at Laval University   1968
North to the Orient Lindbergh, Anne Morrow Harcourt, Brace and Co   1935
Arctic Man, An Lyall, Ernie Hurtig Publishers 0-88780-106-4 1979
Quest for the Griffon, The MacLean, Harrison John Reader's Digest    
Arctic Bibliography Martna, Maret McGill Queen's University Press   1971
Diving with Saftey Morgan, Bev US Divers Co.   1956
Finding the North Pole Morris, Charles ?   1909
Ordeal by Ice Mowat, Farley McClelland and Stewart 0-7710-6626-0 1960
Farthest North - Vol. 1 Nansen, Fridtjof Archibald Constable and Co.   1897
Farthest North - Vol. 2 Nansen, Fridtjof Archibald Constable and Co.   1897
True North not strong and free Newman, Peter C. McClelland and Stewart 0-7710-6798-4 1983
Equipment and Instrumentation for the Navigation of Submersible Rainnie, W. O.      
Ship Wrecks in Quinte Ralley, Allan A     1968
Canada and the War at sea Roberts, Leslie Alvah M. Beatty   1944
Icebound Scott, James Gordon and Cremonesi 0-86033-018-4 1977
Scott's last expedition Scott, R.F. Beacon Press 57-9209 1913
My Like with the Eskimos Stefansson, Vilhjalmur MacMillan Company   1913
Ultima Thule Stefansson, Vilhjalmur MacMillan Company   1938
Unsolved mysteries of the arctic Stefansson, Vilhjalmur MacMillan Company   1940
Submarine Cable Route Survey, Campobello Island to Grand Manan Island Walker & Clark, W.W. & L.. ACCESArctic Canadian continentalshelf Exploartion services   1972
Arctic Fever The Search for the Northwest Passage Whilkinson, Doug Clark, Irwin and Company 0-7720-0504-4 1971
Clearance diving in Mississaugi Strait Wilch, P.J. HMCS YORK    
Arctic Convoys 1941-1945 Woodman, Richard John Murray 0-7195-5752-6 2000
Pilot of Arctic Canada   Canadian Hydrographic services   1959
Discussion Paper on Northern Development   Committee on Northern Development   1975
Guide to Defence Scientific and Technical Documents for Industry   Defence Research Board and the Dept of National defence   1970
Diving with Self Contained Apparatus   Experimental Diving Unit, Wash. D.C.   1954
Fluctuations of the Glaciers   IAHS (Unesco)    
Inuit Land Use and Occupancy   Indian and Northern Affairs   1976
Barnacles and Bilge   metro marine modelers   1990
Barnacles and Bilge   metro marine modelers   1990
Great Lakes Bottomlands preserves   Natural Resources commision   1980
Proposal to the Gov't of Canada for a stud and Report on Arctic Development   Northern Associates Ltd.   1970
Part II,section C-2, Navigation and Navigational Systems   Northern Association    
Canada, Science and the Oceans   Science Council of Canada   1970
Natural Gas from the Arctic by Marine Mode: A preliminary assessment   Science Council of Canada   1977


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