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Mar:1948    1   International cooperation in arctic research, search for the north magnetic pole, meteorological  matters in Canadian arctic, Alaska, and Danish Greenland, maps of northern Canada, research program, polar organizations, geographical societies  USS Northwind   Bound (2 issues published)
Jan:1949    2           Bound (3 issues published)
Jan:1950    3           Bound (3 issues published)
Jan:1951    4           Bound (3 issues published)
Jan:1952    5           Bound
Jan:1953    6           Bound
Jan:1954    7           Bound
Jan:1955    8           Bound
Sep:1955    8/3 anatids of Frobisher Bay, unstable winter surface temperature, North Peary Land, mammals of Bylot Island, sea ice grounding Chukchi Sea,        
Dec:1955    8/4 French geographical expedition to Thule, shore fauna Baffin Island, Resolute Bay soil temperatures,         
Jan:1956    9           Bound
Jan:1957    10          Bound
Jan:1958    11          Bound
Jan:1959    12          Bound
Mar:1959    12/1    structure thermal snow structures, North magnetic dip pole, freeze thaw frequencies     
Jun:1959    12/2    gravity Alaska, McCall Glacier, Sir Edward Willam Parry, orthography Eskimo language,       
Sep:1959    12/3    MISSING, but see bound vol.     
Dec:1959    12/4    basal oxygen atlantic salmon, phonemic spelling Eskimo language, Rolad Amundsen by Harald E. Verdrup,       
Jan:1960    13          Bound
Mar:1960    13/1    wild bison, phonemic orthography Eskimo, ice island ice shelf,      
Jun:1960    13/2    MISSING, but see bound vol.     
Sep:1960    13/3    MISSING, but see bound vol.     
Dec:1960    13/4    botulism, california grey whale,        
Mar:1961    14/1    Formation, growth, decay of sea ice, geology of Engigstciak Archeological site, transfer of arctic territories from Britain to Canada 1880, glacier expedition, glacial geomorphology in Northern Torngat Mountains, Labrador, carnivorous walrus, arctic zoono     
Jun:1961    14/2    Wisconsin, Matanuska glacier, Alaska, population dynamics of Mackenzie delta reindeer herd, Russian settlement and land rise in Nordaustlandet, Spitsbergen, Russian settlement at Russekeila, land rise in Westspitsbergen, salmon, Whale River, Ungava, Eskim     
Sep:1961    14/3    Contribution of Bering Sea water to Arctic ocean, ringed seals, Okpilak Glacier, Albedo of Sea-Ice, Ice Islands in Arctic Ocean Basin, chlorophyll in Arctic Sea ice, Sir Hubert Wilkins Memorial Expedition        
Dec:1961    14/4    Nuwuk Lake, small ponds in Peninsula of Point Barrow, intertidal zonation, meteorological research, Lake Hazen, Gulkana Glacier Expedition, air and soil temperatures at Resolute, postglacial marine submergence, Southern Melville Peninsula, Soviet geograph     
Jan:1962    15  index, arctic bibliography      Bound
Mar:1962    15/1    Ice observations by satellite and aircraft, freshwater plankton crustacea, Colville River, Whale Island, Mackenzie Delta, radiocarbon-dated postglacial delevelling, glacial geology and geomorphology      
Jun:1962    15/2    Arctic science, nuclear submarine, salinity distribution, young sea-ice, soil classification, plants, Salerochit River, permafrost, military operations in Greenland, Axel Heiberg Island, film     
Sep:1962    15/3    South Pole, fish, Cree, Winisk, water balance and heat flow of Arctic Ocean, radio wave communications, Bryozoa     
Dec:1962    15/4    Surface water in Eurasian Basin of Arctic Ocean, Mackenzie Delta, Pingos, Ungava Eskimos, grizzly bears, economically important animals in indian languages, Sarcee, temperature, polar ships,  Kaisa Dan, Saima Dan    
Jan:1963    16          Bound
Mar:1963    16/1    Atlantic water movement in Arctic Ocean, mycology, Lake George, radiation studies, Schefferville, University of Alaska Gulkana Glacier Project      
Jun:1963    16/2    Instituto Antarctico Argentino, birds, tundra, Baffin Island, settlement types, mysis relicta, pre-Dorset Lance Head, Columbia Glacier, sea-ice decay, Arktisk Institut, International Geographical Conference      
Sep:1963    16/3    Indian trapping, Canadian subarctic, entomology, Lake Hazen, Ellesmere Island, insects, spiders, soil temperatures, Ogotoruk Valley, shoreline recession, Resolute, micrometeorological tower, thermograph, nematodes,      
Dec:1963    16/4    Lake Indictator, Quebec, pollen, Point Barrow, Mackenzie Delta, Ikaite, North Alaska Eskimos, bogs, Hamilton River, musk oxen, Banks Island     
Mar:1964    17/1    French polar effort, Antarctic, Diagenetic snow facies, Colville River, gastropod eggs and young, tern, St. Lawrence, natural gas       
Jun:1964    17/2    Nettilling Lake, Baffin Island, Ogotoruk Creek, motor toboggan sled trains, Siberia, glacial lake, Ellesmere Island, ice transport, currents, Dorset, Melville Island, McCormick Inlet, Nares Strait, snow cover, antarctic seas        
Jan:1965    17/18           Bound
Jan:1966    19          Bound
Jan:1967    20          Bound
Mar:1967    20/1    sandpiper, intertidal  chthalamid, permafrostlower mackenzie valley, aquatic habitat Inuvik,        
Jun:1967    20/2    Alask Purchase centennial, ptarmigan, shorelne process near Barrow, soil and water bacteria, ice flora      
Sep:1967    20/3    polar bear, mobility Belcher Island Eskimo, land emergece upper ungava, records and relics north Greenland coast,       
Dec:1967    20/4    MISSING, but see bound vol.     
Jan:1968    21          Bound
Jan:1969    22          Bound
Mar:1969    22/1    MISSING, but see bound vol.     
Jun:1969    22/2    Inuvik contrasting life styles, snow movement at surface, weight length girth of ringed seals, actiomycetes, precipitation northen quebec labrador,         
Sep:1969    22/3    Proceedings of the US. Naval Arctic Research Laboratory Dedication Symposium, Fairbanks, 9-12 April 1969,       
Dec:1969    22/4    MISSING, but see bound vol.     
Mar:1970    23/1    MISSING     
Jun:1970    23/2    Polar bears, Coats Island, Hudson Bay, Diamond Jenness, demography of Eskimo village on north slope of Alaska, circulation of surface waters in Canadian arctic archipelago, long-tailed jaeger, Lake Hazen, Ellesmere islandcardiac physiology of polar bears,     
Sep:1970    23/3    Conference on Arctiv Research and Resource Development, fishery potential, Arctic Ocean floor, birds and mammals at Bluenose Lake, Northwest Territories Centennial, single wolf kills bull muskox, abnormal migratory behaviour in Swedish reindeer, photosynt     
Dec:1970    23/4    Bird-banding in Greenland, soil temperatures in the active layer of Beaufort Plain, Willow Ptarmigan, Martin River glacier, high artic butterflies, Hudson's Bay Company, community and regional development, frictional resistance to ship passage through con     
Jan:1971    24          Bound
Mar:1971    24/1    trans-Alaska pipeline, polar bear mammoth Pribilof Island, tundra anthropods, glacial history Livngstone Island,        
Jun:1971    24/2    state jurisdiction over ice islands, Hudson Bay ice, visual memory in village eskimo and urban caucasian children,      
Sep:1971    24/3    MISSING, but see bound vol.     
Dec:1971    24/4    northern pipelines the Canadian position, radionuclides, snag-klutlan area,         
Jan:1972    25          Bound
Jan:1973    26          Bound
Jan:1974    27          Bound
Jan:1975    28          Bound
Jan:1976    29          Bound
Jan:1977    30          Bound
Jan:1978    31          Bound
Mar:1979    32/1    Liquid process wastes from arctic offshore hydrocarbon exploration, North Baffin Island, dome shelter on Mount Logan, accumulation of heavy metals around offshore oil production facilities in Beaufort Sea, Cree domestic fisheries, Greenland spiders, tundr     Insert: Pitt Rivers Museum announces the publication of Eskimos of Northwesr Alaska in the Early Nineteenth Century
Jun:1979    32/2    Bowhead whales, breeding birds of Arctic Bay, Baffin Island, Inuit hunters nutrition, thick sea-ice floes, permafrost distribution produced by migrating river meander in northern Yukon, Teshekpuk Lake, freshwater pool off Sagavanirktok Rover delta, polar      
Sep:1979    32/3    Snowmobiles in Antarctica, northern limit of trees in Labrador, evolution of soil landscape in sand region of arctic coastal plain, Atkasook, relationships of soil acidity and air temperature to wind and vegetation at Prudhoe Bay, zooplankton, horticultur     
Dec:1979    32/4    Fall ice draft, Nares Strait, Soviet timbre, effects of storm surges on Beaufort Sea coast, variations in seasonal temperatures and sea ice conditions in Eastern Canadian Arctic, ethnographic research, Churchill River drainage, Canol's Mackenzie Air Field     
Mar:1980    33/1    Laptev sea, Chukchi Sea, tides, coal resources, dwarf birches, pollen rain, Baffin IslandWoodland Caribou, Kluane Ranges, Boothia Peninsula vegetation, Keewatin, snow  Lenin   Insert: drawings and watercolours of Frederick William Beechey must be bound with this issue
Jun:1980    33/2    Walruses, St. Lawrence Island, reindeer herding, Canol's Mackenzie air fields, Mackenzie Bay ice dynamics, polynyas, prehistoric settlement patterns, air pollution, Fairbanks, hooded seals, bearded seals, Pacific walrusesmineral precipitation, Morfee Moun     
Sep:1980    33/3    Archeological work in Kachemak Bay, Paleoeskimo occupation on Southern Banks island, Karluk island, stone tool assemblages, Port Refuge, Norse in Ellesmere Island, Cape Dorset, Baffin Island, Thule, Dorset Site, Torngat Archeological ProjectAvayalik Islan     
Dec:1980    33/4    Tourist cruise in Soviet Arctic, Bowheads, marine mammals in Baffin Bay, caribou management vs. reindeer husbandry, peary caribou, sea ice micoalgae, terrain, land use, and waste drilling fluid disposal problemsradiocarbon dates of mammals and artefacts,      
Mar:1981    34/1    Muskox, Bailey Point region, Melville Island, Pre-Sangamonian artefacts in Yukon, shoreline vegetation of Alaska coast, sphagnum, tundra, Otoliths, Gadid fishes, Bering, Chukchi, and Beaufort seas, mollusks, Attu, Aleutian Islands, spruce forrests, freshw     
Jun:1981    34/2    Wildlife conservation, waterbird migration, gulls, Thule, river and suspended sediment discharge, Byam Channel, Queen Elizabeth Islands, erosion control, holocene glaciation, Arrigetch peaks, Brooks Range, shallow permafrost, islands in Beaufort Sea, Bank     
Sep:1981    34/3    Baron Eduard von Toll, Russian Polar Expedition, climactic regions, dovekies, ground squirrels, Atlantic walrus, mercury, DDT, PCB, Neo-Eskimo occupations, Coronation Gulf, Aklisuktuk Pingo, Tuktoyaktuk  Zarya   
Dec:1981    34/4    Conservation, birds, marine macrozooplankton, large fish, Prudhoe Bay, fur seals, Bogoslof Island, Bering Sea, barren-ground caribou, Henry Creek, Northern Yukon interior, Beingia, lapland longspurs, Seward Peninsula, First International Polar Year        Information North: The Arctic Institute of North America of the University of Calgary Winter 1982 newsletter, Mountain research and events in Western Canada (Mountain Watch), A case example of the Yukon Health Care Insurance Plan records
Mar:1982    35/1    Eastern Arctic Marine Environmental Studies Program, High Arctic Ice Edges, under-ice biota at the pond inlet ice edge and in adjacent fast areas during spring, seabirds, marine mammals, cod, zooplankton, Lancaster Sound, Western Baffin Bay, calanoids, ma     
Jun:1982    35/2    Recent trends in US arctic affairs, frost blisters, Bear Rock Spring, Fort Norman, prey carcasses, snowy owls, waterbird migration, seaducks, shorthorn sculpin, antifreeze proteins, wild rice, Beaufort Sea, Soviet Convoy, Lena,         
Sep:1982    35/3    Public policy and petroleum development, ethnohistory, gray whale, bowhead, eskimos, vegetable gardening, Dawson City, eiders, waterbirds, Point Barrow, earth hummocks, Rocky Mountains, thiobacillus ferrooxidans, arsenic, subarctic streams, gold mine drai     
Dec:1982    35/4    Drury report, kelp, ice algae, phytoplankton, benthic microalgae, polar bears, Dall's Sheep, Machenzie Mountains, bowhead whale, Amundsen Gulf, James Bay Hydroelectric project, Estuarine fish and fisheries, murres, cold air drainage, Fort Nelson, Ward Hun     
Mar:1985    38/1    Shipping crisis in Soviet Eastern Arctic, kelp, sea ice fauna, Frobisher bay, Macrozooplankton, waterfowl, caribou, gray whales, selenium, herbivores, Parry's first Arctic expedition, isopod mesidotea sibrica,       
Jun:1985    38/2    Aesthetic map of the north, road developments, muskeg, murras, seabirds, Cape Parry, Amudsen Gulf, log-books, Hudson Bay, arctic wolf attack, Downes    Lord Wellington 
Sep:1985    38/3    Sea ice stabilization, ice shelf studies, Ellesmere Island, mesolithic, Siberian archeology, muskoxen, snowmobiles, tundra fires, Naotak River, zooplankton, Lake Weichselian, glacial geology, Borgarfjordur, pollen, oxygen isotope content, Penny Ice Cap, I     
Dec:1985    38/4    Fiords, Benthic macroinvertebrates, Canadian Contintental Shelf, Davis Strait, Ungava Bay, waste drilling fluids, Ellef Ringnes Island, polar bears, Toolik Lake, North American bears, Downes, Herschel        
Jan:1986    39          Bound
Jan:1987    40          Bound
Jan:1987    40 index    index,          Bound
Jan:1987    40 - supp 1         
Jun:1987    40/2            
Sep:1987    40/3            
Dec:1987    40/4            
Jan:1988    41          Bound
Jan:1988    41 index    index       Bound
Mar:1988    41/1            
Jun:1988    41/2            
Sep:1988    41/3            
Dec:1988    41/4            
Jan:1989    42          Bound
Mar:1989    42/1            
Jun:1989    42/2            
Sep:1989    42/3            
Dec:1989    42/4            
Mar:1990    43/1    caribou, fur trappers, native subsistence fisheries, glaucous gulls, holocene bowhead whale, caribou calving, lord mayor bay, hugh llewellyn keenleyside, german north polar expedition, northern athapaskan art, SCONE report, esquimaux d' asie, antarctic ex     
Jun:1990    43/2    grizzly bear, northern science, polar bears, pipeline construction in alaska, zooarchaeological implications for prehistoric distribution of seabirds, thick-billed murre, missionaries, narwhal and beluga calves, underwater photic environment, isabella bay     
Sep:1990    43/3    wildlife management in NWT, knots, turnouts, brant geese, fish and whales, beaver dams, herbivore population in northern canada, oldsquaw duck, short-pulse radar studies on tanana river, vihtr'iitshik, alaskan wildlife, mummified pleistocene horses, devon     
Dec:1990    43/4    tertiary marine events, mice and ice, pollen and vertebrates, north pole forest tundra, banks island, plant macrofossils, beaufort formation, john howard sisson, science, arctic shipping, the fifth earl of lonsdale, ecological handbook of winter       
Jan:1991    44  supplement 1: polar oceans program, remote sensing and geographic information system training requirements, topographic data, monitoring mackenzie delta water bodies, sea ice, sea surface temperatures, permafrost, muskox, walrus, bison, SAR data, Greenlan     Bound
Jan:1991    44  annual report       Bound
Mar:1991    44/1    caribou, muskoxen, lichen, evenki, post-glacial vegetation history, tussock-shrub tundra, bow head whale, deh cho fishery, raised marine features, perennial snowbanks, polar bears, antarctic comrades, iï¿œupiaq women, siberian and russian america, rochfort      
Jun:1991    44/2    polar winter, fennoscandian tundra, willow ptarmigan, svalbard fiord ecosystem, ringed seal, arctic fox, human physiological adaptations to arctic climate, early europeans wintering in the atlantic arctic, russian hunters, port clarence eskimo material, w     
Sep:1991    44/3    steller's eider, james bay hydroelectric project, muskoxen, native canadian food consumption, clastic sedimentology, reindeer, tree vegetation in subarctic region, auroral curtains, inuit soapstone, alaska natives discrimination, bowhead whale, rat lodge,     
Dec:1991    44/4    wood buffalo national park, fisheries, polar bears, palynological analysis, wood bison, palaeo eskimo, jet fighter training, noctilucent, uma saami native harvest, radiocesium, einar mikkelsen, native game, fort chipewyan, oil age eskimos, international s     
Mar:1992    45/1    finnmark, renewed canada, tundra, geochemistry and organic contaminants in the sediments, polar bears, sediment character baffin island, siberia, bison, trading posts, arctic clothing, northern alaska, natusiak, H.G.R. King and the Scott Polar Research In     
Jun:1992    45/2    thick-billed murres, Canadian Polar Commission, black guillemots, snow geese, anadromous dolly varden, climate, development, anvil boulders, alaska, northern fulmars, arctic fox, arctic insects, boothia, lake ice, mackenzie house, fairbanks, animal rights     
Sep:1992    45/3    calving woodland caribou, canadian north, mining policy in greenland, sea ice geophysical properties and microwave remote sensing observations, peary caribou bull antlers, rupert bay physical oceanographic conditions, pleistocene antler artifacts, landfas     
Dec:1992    45/4    phytoplankton, calving caribou, energy flow through marine ecosystem of lancaster sound region, spider fauna, maternity denning of polar bears, political economy of bison, fossil pollen and insect evidence for postglacial environment conditions, arctic fo     
Mar:1993    46/1    st. roch, red-throated loons, beluga whale, spotted seals, southern subarctic icelandic lakes underwater photic environment, 18th an 18th century inuit and europeans, channel levels in the mackenzie delta, organochloride contaminants, arctic foxes, bowhea     
Jun:1993    46/2    whales, whaling, anti-whaling commission, beluga whale committee, small whale, whale tourism, commercial whaling, whales and elephants, nuvendaltin quht'ana, salmon storage, inuit relocation, geomorphical setting, provincial norths     
Sep:1993    46/3    caribou reproduction, siberia wintertime CO2 emissions, large icebergs, marine birds, sexual segregation of willow ptarmigan, polar bears, denning polar bears, terrestrial foraging by polar bears, alaskan youth aspirations, spectacled eiders, airships, gl     
Dec:1993    46/4    collard lemming, plant activity under snow and ice, dark-season survival strategies, northern tree-line environments, arctic wolves, arctic cod, arctic hare, subarctic ants, thaws in boreal forest regions, archeology of the frobisher voyages, bush land pe     
Mar:1994    47/1    Kola peninsula, walruses, Svalbard, 19th Century Arctic narrative, Endicott development, Boulder Patch, kelp, Stefansson Sound, fossils, arctic fox, Norway, geese, Queen Maud Gulf Bird Sanctuarybearded seals, mesocyclops, caribou       
Jun:1994    47/2    Ringed seals, West Svalbard, agriculture, climate, reindeer, Mackenzie River driftwood, king eiders, curlew sandpipers, Siberia, molusks, Chukchi Sea, crude oil spills, river dredgingperiglacial landforms, caribou, Iglulik inuit kayaks     
Sep:1994    47/3    Bush harvest, Pinehouse, tundra, Teshepuk Lake, SPOT satellite data, bowhead whales, Point Barrow, Hudson's Bay Company, Inuit, killer whales, ship collisions, sea ice     
Dec:1994    47/4    Inupiaq, cetaceans, Pribilog Islands, arctic fox, Disko Bay, Peregrine falcons, gyrfalcons, helicopter disturbance, wildlife harvesting, native economy, Hudson Bay, James Bay, snowmelt, caribou, walrus, oil development, insects, Joseph Wiggins     
Mar:1995    48/1    radiocarbon dates on saiga antelope, peary caribou, tree and tundra cover anomalies, zooarchaeology, young adult inuit males, heritage education - training and research, female moose, lake water salinity, inuit response to changing nature of the built env     
Jun:1995    48/2    politics bureaucracy, arctic archaeology in canada, arctic cod, antarctica, canadian polar bear populations, bowhead whales, traditional food use, reindeer winter grounds, penthrite grenade, northern fulmars, black-legged kittiwakes, arctic revolution, in     
Sep:1995    48/3    barents sea geology, bird observations in zemlya siberia, viking expansion northwards, het behouden huys, murman coast, northern dvina delta, pelagic fish, barents sea, arctic artist, circumpolar religion and ecology, north pole, politics and sustainable      
Dec:1995    48/4    wolf-sightings, soils of some norse settlements, demography and productivity of and arctic wolf pack, inuit clothing collection, polar bear, erosion of the geodetic hills fossil forest, peat deposits, thick-billed murre colonies, multiyear fast ice, green     
Mar:1996    49/1            
Jun:1996    49/2            
Sep:1996    49/3            
Dec:1996    49/4            
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