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Canada's History (previously The Beaver) collection

The Beaver

The Bluenose, cover illustration.


In 2010, The Beaver changed it's name to Canada's History

The Beaver was a monthly publication founded in 1920 by Hudson's Bay Company and was something of a birthday present to itself. It was one of the many activities in celebration of HBC's 250th anniversary and was seen as a staff publication "devoted to The Interests of Those Who Serve the Hudson's Bay Company", containing not only articles of historical value, but also advice to employees and details of activities in their various outposts and stores.

It became quarterly in 1924 and significant changes took place in the magazine in 1933 with the September issue. The original digest format was replaced by the standard magazine design and in 1986, the Beaver became a bimonthly magazine. In 1994, publication of The Beaver was taken over by Canada's National History Society.

Our collection is very incomplete in the early years but is complete from 1952 to 2004 (except Dec 2003); donations would be greatly appreciated. We have a number of duplicate issues avaialble for exchange or sale. Please contact us.

Collection: Stormy Weather

Availability: as above

Indexing: by NMA, started, incomplete but available here.


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