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Our "Boating" collection

Boating magazine

Boating magazine, Febrary 1971.


Under the name of Popular Boating, this journal was first published in October 1956; in 1966, it was acquired by Ziff Davis in Chicago, Illinois, and became simply Boating; since then it has been acquired by the Bonnier corporation in Winter Park, Florida. Our collection is complete from 1980 to 1996, incomplete elsewhere (1957 to 2006.)

Left: from the February 1971 issue - the "HMS Rose", a photo by Edwin Hills. This replica of a British frigate of the 1770s was sailing off the New England coast - only the courtesy "stars and stripes" was not a copy of the original.


Collection: General

Availability: all boxed, single - no volumes

Indexing: by NMA, partial, is available here.

Main catalogue entry: is available here.

We are actively collecting back issues of this magazine; if we already have, or receive more, doubles - we will gladly exchange with other collections. Please E-mail us.


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