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The Canadian Sailings collection

Canadian Sailings

Canadian Sailings.

Canadian Sailings was founded in 1982 by Brian O'N. Gallery, who were then the publishers of Seaports and the shipping world, a monthly publication founded by his family in 1937. Canadian Sailings evolved from Seaports and became a weekly publication. Initially, Canadian Sailings carried shipping schedules with some editorial coverage. However, as time went by, shipping schedules became less and less important, while editorial coverage about the marine industry became the mainstay of the publication. On January 1, 2010, its then owner, U.S.-based UBM Global Trade, sold Canadian Sailings to its Canadian management, which incorporated Great White Publications Inc. to operate the resulting business.

Canadian Sailings has a circulation of a little more than 10,000; primary market is leading Canadian importers, exporters, traffic managers, forwarders and shipping agents.

Our collection is incomplete, mostly 1996 to the end of 2000; donations would be greatly appreciated.

Our main catalogue entry can be found here.

Canadian Sailings is a weekly shipping magazine published in Montreal, Québec, Canada, by Great White Publications Inc.
1390 Chemin St. Andre
Riviere Beaudette, Quebec, Canada J0P 1R0
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