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Classic Boat, issue no. 1, 1987.


Our collection is complete from the first issue (1987) until 2002, sporadic after that date. Classic Boat is a British traditional boating magazine now published by the Chelsea Magazine Company. It was first published in 1987 and defines classic boats as "boats which endure". It was the first magazine in the UK dedicated to traditional boats and boating. The magazine covers boats of all sizes and type, from any era, and made from any material. It claims to take inspiration from, and provide inspiration for, all builders and users of beautiful boats, as well as trying to dispel the myth that maintaining an old wooden boat consumes huge amounts of time and money. It has been edited since 2000 by Dan Houston.

The cover of Number 1 from the Autumn of 1987 shows lowering the centreboard into the Australian square rigger "One & All" being lowered into position. This issues has authors such as Dr Basil Greenhill and Jay Benford, varnishing, bookshelf contents and "The Steam Pages" with John Leather and editor Pete Greenfield in the stoke-hole, all justifying a cover price of £2


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