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The L'escale collection


L'escale, Summer/Fall 1983


The cover of the Summer/Fall 1983 issue shows the Royal William, an 1834 painting by Samuel Skillet, Musée du Quebec accession number ACMQ 77-156

Our collection is fairly complete from 1983 to 1997; donations would be greatly appreciated.

Collection: Stormy Weather

Availability: as above

Indexing: by NMA, started, incomplete


L'escale revue maritime "Le rendez-vous des gens de mer" is a periodical publication by Revue maritime L'escale,
20, rue des Navigateurs,
bureau 303,
Québec, PQ,
G1K 8E4,

N.B. Since 1997, this journal has changed name to "L'escale nautique" – web site





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