Good Old Boat

Good Old Boat

This March/April 2006 issue
features a painting by
artist Jim Dewitt.

Good Old Boat, founded in 1998 as a journal for sailors who love older model boats, is published bimonthly from Maple Grove, MN.

The publication, in the words of its editors, is about:

  • Creating a community of sailors - through our directory of sailing organizations and contacts, we're developing links between sailors.
  • Offering a resource - By pooling the knowledge of our readers, we're creating a directory of the suppliers of parts and services we all need.
  • Keeping our boats afloat - Our technical articles focus on maintenance and upgrade issues and give them the space they deserve.
  • Celebrating older-model sailboats - We emphasize pride of ownership.

Collection: General

Availability: Our collection is mostly complete from Jan/Feb 2000 (Vol. 3, no. 1) to the present day, boxed; we also hold the 2000 CD with those issues contained. We would like to thank the editors and staff at Good Old Boat for their assistance and generosity in maintaining this collection.

Missing issues: Vol. 1 1998 (3 issues); Vol. 2 1999 (6 issues); Apr. and June 2001 (Vol. 4, nos 2 and 3); Feb. 2002 (Vol. 5, no. 1) and Aug. 2002 (Vol. 5, no. 4).

Indexing: by ACS, started, incomplete, available here. Also see our main catalogue entry.


Good Old Boat
7340 Niagara Ln. N. Maple Grove
MN, 55311-2655.
Inquiries: (763) 420-8923



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