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Jane's Defense Weekly

Jane's Defense Weekly, 1996


Our collection is incomplete, but has no gaps between Jan 18, 1986 and June 20, 2001 and includes many bound volumes.

Left: from the 17 April 1996 edition, the cover photo is of five of the Hudong class fast attack craft delivered to Iran by China.

Collection: General

Availability: some boxed, single - some in bound volumes; details on request.

Indexing: by NMA, not yet started

We are actively collecting back issues of this magazine; if we already have, or receive more, duplicates, we will gladly exchange with other collections. Please E-mail us.


Published by the Jane's information group, a member of the Thompson Corporation.

Editorial offices: Sentinel House,
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Jane's Defense Weekly website can be found at jdw.janes.com


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