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The Journal of American History was formerly the Mississippi Valley Historical Review (1914-1964). It is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December.

Left: the cover of the September 1981 edition which contains five articles, numerous book reviews, book notes, news and comments, recent articles and recent dissertations.

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Dec 1967LIV/3Daniel Webster, Railways 1917, interstate commerce, Italo-American Anti_facist, Woodrow Wilson prediction
Mar 1968LIV/4Maryland 1750-76, Cincinnati 1880, the New Deal
Jun 1968LV/1Myth maker of American history, american science 1780, Cuba 1898, Negro revolution,
Sep 1968LV/2case of the Dacia -WWI, Pershing the armistice, Bulter gov. of Massachusetts, Dred Scot, enduring ghetto, American women pre WWI.
Jun 1969LVI/1constitution, American loan to Russia, Negro civil rights,
Sep 1969LVI/2nationalists 1781, compulsory health insurance, progressivism, Ailment proviso,
Dec 1969LVI/3Andrew Jackson Indian policy, Thomas Jefferson and salvery, kilowatts for defense,
Mar 1970LV!/4revoluntionary New York ,industrial military complex between wars, aid to allies WWII, German manuscripts on American history
Jun 1970LVII/1American revolution, France and war of 1812, republican policy makers and reconstruction Italian and politics in Chicago, Anglo-American trade agreement 1936-38, evaluation of presidents
Sep 1970LVII/2relutionary war massachusett social conflict, strike in 1902 bituminous coal field west virgina, Woodrow Wilson,
Dec 1970LVII/3Jefferson's removal of the Federalists, humanitarianism new York 1817, demographic Manistee county, Michigan, urban crime Chicago, failure of ambassadorial diplomacy 1914-17, up from slavery,
Mar 1971LVII/4religion, finance and democracy in Mass, 1740,changing nature of Protestantism, AFL attitude to large business 1894-1931, Roosevelt's 1933 monetary experiment, Maury Maverick 1934 congressman
Jun 1971LVIII/1Oklahoma 1910 agrarian radicals, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, jr., Woodrow Wilson and the Mexican interventionist movement of 1919, Pearl Harbor, Welles mission to Europe 1940
Sep 1971LVIII/2trade latin america Wilson years, domestic america WWII, WWI publicists,
Dec 1971LVIII/3state legislatures Jackson era, immigrants protective league 1908-26, radical militancy and interracial violence,
Mar 1972LVIII/4Partition treaty and declaration of independence, Jonathan Boucher - constitutional conservative, confrontation and abolition, red peasant international
Jun 1972LIX/1Slavery and freedom paradox, disapproval of Chicago, backdoor diplomacy in the pacific, Philadelphia transit strike 1944, cold war election of '48
Sep 1972LIX/2Decline of Massachusetts franchise 1647-66, Philadelphia's mechanics in 1765-75, Methodism 1827, Wilson republicans and French security after WWI, Roosevelt and Indochina, Truman and national security council,
Dec 1972LIX/3crush the whiskey rebellion, war debt policy 1921-23, establishment of the first world bank 1929, changing concepts of constitutionalism cold war and WWII
Mar 1973LIX/4party formation Ohio 1824, progressive revolution attitudes toward sex, open door expansionism, foreign relations
Jun 1973LX/1Puritans seventh century Massachusetts, religion benevolence, Salmon P. Chase, compromise of 1877, Omaha characteristics and changes 1900's
Sep 1973LX/2southern radicalism, Thomas Paine and the killing of the King, politics of impatience - Know Nothings, women's role in the 19th century, New Deal
Dec 1973LX/3urban politics 1700-65, Zechariah Chaffe civil liberation, organised charity, congressional revolution 1910, Black protest WWII,
Mar 1974LX/4evolution political parties Virginia 1782-1800, two party system on Philadelphia 1924-36, control of atomic energy 1942-46, computer and American history.
Jun 1974LXI/1divergent unities in American history, rural Massachusetts 1760-1820, women's perspective 1850's. Indiana farmers late 19th century, Herbert Hoover 1921-28, preserving the constitution
Sep 1974LXI/2historian William A. Dunning, railway regulation, women in the 1920's, New Deal in Agriculture
Dec 1974LXI/3native American politics Indian-white, first nations, Theodore Parker abolitionist, American Navy 1865 -69 resistance to machines, New Deal and international dimensions
Mar 1975LXI/4paradox of American economic growth, Jacksonian politics, federal wate law, Justice Field and the constitution
Jun 1975LXII/1American revolution, expediency versus morality, Jacksonian politics, liberal Republican 1872, ethnicity and Wisconsin 1893,
Sep 1975LXII/2abolitionist perception of the Indian, woman suffrage moment, arts and the people, Takoradi route Roosevelt's prewar venture
Dec 1975LXII/3Talleyrand and American negotiations 1797-8 Quasi-war, privateering French policy, New jersey state legislature 1829-44, Herbert Hoover tariff against Canada stopping the sea way project as a result 1929-33, New deal work program for the unemployed,
Mar 1976LXII/4two mobs - Boston 1830's, mental health in a the gilded age, race relations within the NAACP, Frederick Law Olmstead landscape architect,
Jun 1976LXIII/1American historians, government of New York 1790-1860, Jacksonian politics
Sep 1976LXIII/2house of representatives 1789-1960, Daniel Webster - state department 1850, slave property - wealth in Texas 1860, southern race relations 1865-1890, liberals and communist control act of 1954
Dec 1976LXIII/3books on American Indian policy 1970-1975, organizing paper workers 1933-5, effect of city size and recruitment of business leaders, decline of the farm family fertility, black justice under white law - antebellm South Carolina
Mar 1977LXIII/4scientific history as a teaching method, anglo-american tensions in the middle east 1944-5. the old south as the new.
Jun 1977LXIV/1the historian and the federal government, slaves as fixed capital, railway rate controversy of 1905, america and china the Shantung question, war office and Hollywood 1942-5.
Sep 1977LXIV/2Carpetbaggers in the Reconstruction, Federalism, Herbert Hoover and volutarism in the great war, appeasement US, Great Britain and Germany 1933-40
Dec 1977LXIV/3search for a usable Indian an aspect of defense of Colonial New England, Cherokees in transition 1835, John Hancock, South Carolina 1776-1860
Mar 1978LXIV/4social origins of American revoluntionary ideology, Know-Nothingism 1850 Massachusetts, betrayla in the coal mine of west Virgina 1912-4, Truman administration anf the loss of civil liberties - FBI.
Jun 1978LXV/1concept of a perpetual union, salvery and abolition, working women in the depression, history of the Organization of American Historians
Sep 1978LXV/2expansion of Western Sioux, loyalist and revoluntionaries choosing sides in New York, Kitchen cabinet Jackson's advisory system, city engineer and planning late 19th century,
Dec 1978LXV/3British conduct revolutionary war, Dutch investment in 1781-94, new woman 1800's, negotiated peace 1942
Mar 1979LXV/4Lord Bolingbroke's book The Patriot King and american renounciation of George III, Alexander Hamilton and american manufacturing, San Francisco and the rise of the metropolitan-military complex, AFL unions in the 1930's, America's commitment of European recovery - Marshall plan.
Jun 197966/1Slave economics in political perspective, apathy and death in early Jamestown, American atomic strategy, modernization and social crisi 1885-6 in midwest, metamorphosis of slavery 1865-1900
Sep 197966/2party period and puvlic policy, democratization of fashion with pattern industry, Truman's plan for Vistory annd 38th parallel in Korea, cold war and old progressives, books on history of american sports
Dec 197966/3Carlo Tresca and Sacco-Vanzetti Case, Blacks and Poles in Pittsburgh 1900-30, minorities and ambience in depressio years, Union pioneers at GE and Westinghouse 1933-7, Ethnic Identity - immigrants
Mar 198066/4United States Indian policy and the Phillipine annexation, Black south and white Appalachia, Mugwump reputation 1870 to now, Charles A. Beard a New Historian at Columbia
Jun 198067/1remaking American history, exposé in America 1768-73, Presbyterian missionaries and american indians 1837-93, analyzing election outcomes, pragmatism in American History
Sep 198067/2Oneida Community and instability of charismatic authority, bombing of german civilians, atuo workers militancy 1937-55, populists
Dec 198067/3theology of the people late 1700's and 1800's, views of femminism and the role it play in therapuetic treatment and outcome, Moonshining and the collective violence Georgia 1889-95, Benjamin Spock and social engineering 1917-50, women and public policy of the Kennedy adminstration,
Mar 198167/4history of american technology, Wake Island 1950, draft evasion during the war, state making during the revolutionary war.
Jun 198168/1Henry Adams, Southern race relations Alabama, american jewish response to 19th century christain missions, Cardinal Mundelein of Chicago, american military ethics WWII, urban history
Sep 198168/2Herbert Baxter Adams -historian 1874-76, reconstruction of american history, Vanzette said goodbye, american policy to eastern eurpoe and the cold war 1941-6, new legal history
Dec 198168/3American trade restriction during war of 1812 - Hickey, bureau of investigation 1919-21, US and Brazil 1945-60 cold war, Eisenhower, crime and urban centers
Mar 198268/4Irish influences on colonial Presbyterianism, commercial farming in the early republic, Hoover and great draught 1930, Roosevelt versus Byrd organization, history american technology,
Jun 198269/1necessity of history, London mercantile lobby and the revolution, agricultural society and Thoreau's Concord, good neighbours and Mexican oil, black women workers during WWII, war on poverty
Sep 202869/2the great awakening, class relations and warfare in the revolution, evangelical women 1870-1910, New Zealand liberalism, occupied Japan and the origins of containment in southeast asia
Dec 198269/3peasants and artisans puritans and republicans, origin of the second amendment, elite anti-Semitism and the quest for moral order, FBI and the New Deal, Woodrow Wilson and physcohistory
Mar 198369/4Jonathan Edward's religious psychology, role of co-operatives and the culture of popularism, school reform in the south, identifying identity, letters Margaret Johnson Erwin
Jun 198370/1radical republicans, republican response to industrialism, why the south lost, artificial feeding of infants 1880-1920, afro-american historiography,
Sep 198370/2obstetrics since the 18th century, Horace Bushnell, women and the order of the Knights of Labor, political response to crime and disorder, politics of social security finance,
Dec 198370/3presidential performance, the great awakening, antebellum slave community, welfare capitalism, diplomatic past
Mar 198470/4Rockefeller Foundation, China and cultural change, Nuclear weapons 1963-80, Wilson scholarship and strokes
Jun 198471/1historical invisibility, right to bear arms, feminist politics in 1920's, Roosevelt and the media, labour historians,
Sep 198471/2antimasonary New York 1820's, rednecks and merchants South Carolina 1865-1900,women and department stores 1890-1925, Eisenhower, Dulles, and Dienbienphu, Margaret Mead and american anthropology
Dec 198471/3women's benevolent organisation in NY and Boston 1797-1840, American religious thoughts 1800-1880, afro-anerican and jewish elites 1910-1930's, labor militancy and politics in Akron 1936-38, second amendment,
Mar 198571/4sacred motherhood, producing poverty the south1874-84, early history of book of the month club, United States turkey and NATO, wealth and renting pre revolutionary Philadelphia,
Jun 198572/1Cobb editor New York World 1917, serial marriage - black stepfamily, american Protestantism 1880-1910, protective legislation in the progressive era, "hobbesian populism"
Sep 198572/2Nantucket whalemen in the deep sea fishery, american indians on the cotton frontier, river towns on the upper Mississippi 1840-60, forest conservation, Truman and national security council,
Dec 198572/3Nativism and the creation of the Republican majority in the north before the civil war, north american house 1870-1920, social structure and academic achievement Rhode Island 1880-1925, Cass Gilbert architect, Taiwan strait 1954-1962,
Mar 198672/4lodgers and boarders in Boston 1860-1900, american electoral system 1880-1910, lynching of Cleo Wright, 1946 Atomic Bomb tests, foreign narcotic control policy 1930-1962,
Jun 198673/1George Washington and Edmund Randolph, electoral college at Philadephia, Public works befor ethe New Deal, Cuban missile crisis 1962
Sep 198673/2Indian-white contact cultutral symbols and colonial trade, mother love and infant death, disorderly women in Appalachian south, black loyalty motion picture propoganda WWII.
Dec 198673/3the state in America, Black workers in steel, women, politics and social activism 1850's, reformers and the rural church 1900-1950, strategic bombing in Germany WWII, rural -urban migrants new england mid 19th century
Mar 198773/4legal structures on the frontier- Vermont, american medicine mid 19th century, legacies of a progessive era, colonial america with the Indians
Jun 198774/1virtues of liberalism, colonialism to professionalism, sexual psychopath, public culture, child naming in Utah
Sep 198774/2Afro-American experience, legistaltures clsh in american revolution, national union and struggle for system in internal improvements, homicide, nativism working class New York, campaign against secret societyies in hifh school, Martin Luther King Jr.
Dec 198774/3American constitution , comparision to Canada, blacks, women trade unions



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