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Cover of Volume XX, no. 79, July-September 1916

Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society


The "The Aeronautical Society of Great Britain" was founded in 1866, and is the oldest aeronautical society in the world. In 1918, the organization received their Royal grant, and the name changed to the "Royal Aeronautical Society."

The Aeronautical Journal is the world’s oldest aeronautics journal currently in production and has for over a century been the UK's leading scientific and technical aeronautical journal. Drawing upon the traditions, experience and expertise of the Royal Aeronautical Society, The Aeronautical Journal continues to publish the highest quality research papers covering all forms of flight vehicles; from gliders to fighters, rockets to airliners, airships to UAVs and rotorcraft to satellites making valuable contributions to our understanding of key areas of Aerospace Engineering.

The current editor (2020) is Professor Holger Babinsky, FRAeS, University of Cambridge, UK

1897 : This journal started as The Aeronautical Journal in 1897, founded by Captain BFS Baden-Powell, a younger brother of the founder of the Boy Scout movement, continuing through to 1926 and publishing volumes 1 to 30. Our holdings are catalogued here.

1926 : In 1926, it became "The Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society". Our holdings are extensive, including over forty bound volumes, and some loose issues. Our catalogue entry can be found here.


Cover of Volume 57, no. 506, February 1953

1968 : Starting with Vol. 72, the title reverted to "The Aeronautical Journal"; these are catalogued here.

1927 : There was a subsidiary title "The Institution of Aeronautical Engineers : Journal"; these are catalogued here.

Over the years, legendary contributors to The Aeronautical Journal have included Wilbur Wright, Frank Whittle, F.W. Lanchester, Sir Frederick Handley Page, Juan Trippe, Igor Sikorsky, and many more.

As of Jnuary 2022, the journal is no longer published in "hard-copy", but is available through electronic subscription.

Collection: Ross Richardson
Availability: as above; third floor.
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